10 Shocking Reveals In One Piece Film Red

Ever since the release of the one piece film Raid in theatres, fans have been going crazy for the presence of Shanks and his crew in the film. Although the film has just premiered in Japan and France, the response from the audience has been exceptional. In just two days, the One Piece film Raid raked in more than 2.25 billion yen from Japanese theaters and is still climbing the ladder.

One Piece Film: Raid is the 15th feature film in the One Piece franchise, written by Eiichiro Oda. The film is produced by Toei Animation and is set on the “Island of Music” Elegia, where the world’s greatest diva, Utah, holds her first live concert and reveals herself to the public.

What is the One Piece movie Red about?

The film is originally about Utah, whose voice has been described as “another world”. She holds her first live concert and reveals herself to the public where the world gathers to enjoy the sound of Utah.

Straw hats, pirates, marines and fans from all over the world gather to enjoy the sound of Utah, which has been described as “another world”. However, the event begins with the shocking revelation that Utah is Shanks’ daughter. This leads to a series of interesting events that include a dynamic duel between the Red Hair Pirates and the Marines.

This is a basic idea of ​​what the movie is about, but to your surprise, there are many more magical moments in the film that will leave you in awe. And, in today’s article, we will be discussing about some shocking revelations in One Piece movie Raid which are totally mind blowing. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

10. Uta Is Shanks Daughter

Even after about 1050 manga chapters, we still don’t know anything about Shanks and it’s quite strange. He is a very mysterious boy, although in this movie you will get to see Shanks daughter named Utah. As stated above, he is the focal point of the film and the entire plot revolves around him, which is why Shanks is trying to save him.

Does Shanks have a daughter?

Uta is the adopted daughter of Shanks. She was found by Shanks in the treasure box when she was a child.

Before you jump to any conclusions, let me make it clear that Utah is not Shanks’ biological daughter! She was found by Shanks in the treasure box when she was a child. However, he decides to leave her so that she can remain independent and not be targeted for his powers.

9. Shanks Origin

25 years after the One Piece manga series debuted, very little we know, who is Shanks? Where did he come from? To everyone’s surprise, this movie will give you  a lot of information about  and his relationship with the Roger Pirates.

According to information revealed in One Piece Volume 4 Billion (a special handbook given to attendees during the One Piece film Red premiere),
Shanks was discovered by Roger and Rayleigh when he was only 1 year old. It was stuffed into a treasury that Roger had stolen during the God Valley incident.

8. Bounty of Shanks When He Met Luffy

Twelve years ago (One Piece Chapter 1), Shanks’ bounty was approximately 1.004 billion berries. This is when Luffy was just a kid and Shanks lost his arm to save Luffy from a sea monster. Since then the red-haired Shanks has made quite a reputation among pirates and everyone is in awe of her. Currently, Shanks bounty is around 4 billion berry and he is a famous yonko.

7. Shanks belongs to the Fiordland family

According to the Five Elders, Shanks belongs to the “Fierland (Figarland) family”. Even Utah is said to be the blood lineage of the “Figgerland” family. Shanks is believed to be her father, so it can be safely said that the Five Elders think that both Shanks and Utah are from Figland. But, it is not explicitly specified in the movie whether he is a celestial dragon or not! This raises many questions about Shanks’ true identity.

Is Shanks a Celestial Dragon?

According to Five Elders, Shanks belongs to the “Figarland Family”. It is said that Uta is also the blood lineage of the family.

Is he really a pirate or a member of the Marine? Or maybe Shanks is a celestial dragon? All these speculations are going on in the society, although nothing can be said for sure. Just keep in mind that the Shanks are no ordinary pirates as perhaps the Figerland family is one of 20 families who founded World Government.

6. Shanks is the Strongest Haki User

There’s no doubt that Shanks is extremely talented and powerful, although the One Piece film Raid suggests he goes beyond that. Shanks is known as “The Killer of Color of Observation Haki”, who does not let his opponent see the future. He can control his own breath, not allowing his opponents to see the future.

What are the conch powers?

Shanks is known as “The Killer of Color of Observation Haki”, who does not let his opponent see the future. He can control his own breath, not allowing his opponents to see the future.

When Shanks used his conqueror’s haki against Kizaru and Fujitora in the film, it was so horrifying that Kizaru started to sweat. Fujitora decided to back down, saying he should not start a “war” despite the many civilians he had. This clearly tells how strong Shanks Hucki is as not just one but all three Admirals were horrified at the sight of their winner’s Hucki.

5. Red Child Pirate True Powers

Red-haired pirates are known for their tremendous strength around the ocean and this is reflected in their members as well. Shanks’ first mate and Red Hair Pirates vice-captain, Ben Beckman, is shown using an armament husky in the film. He easily stops firing with his hands and can even hit the bullets of his rifle. In addition, he managed to capture Admiral Kizaru for the second time.

Another member, Yasop, is described as someone who never misses a shot. Better yet, Yasop’s observations turn out to be far more powerful than Haki Katakuri’s. While Yasop can see the future for a long time, Katakuri sees it only for a short time. The chef of Red Hair Pirates, Lucky Roux is also known to be a talented hockey user.

4. Katakuri Makes Its First Appearance Since The Whole Cake Island Ark

Donut lover aka Charlotte Katakuri makes a special appearance in the one piece film Raid. Katkuri will be seen on screen for the first time after fighting Luffy in Whole Cake Island. Big Mom Pirates will arrive for their collection to seize Utah where Katakuri and Oven will play key roles.

Who is the villain in One Piece movie Raid?

A new character named Gordon is making his debut in the series as the film’s lead antagonist.

In the film, Katkuri will be seen fighting with Shanks due to some circumstances. In addition to Katakuri, a new character named Gordon is making his debut in the series as the film’s lead antagonist. Law and Bartolomeo also starred in the film.

3. Shanks Is Not a Devil Fruit User

In the entirety of the One Piece series, we have come across several powerful Devil Fruit users. Though it will sound like nonsense to you but the fact is that Shanks is not a Devil Fruit user. Yes, it’s not a joke! Of all current and former emperors, Shanks is the only one who hasn’t eaten any kind of satanic fruit.

Not only Shanks, but featured in One Piece Volume 4 Billion, not a single crew member of the Red Hair Pirates has eaten the Devil Fruit. They are all non-devil fruit users and rely solely on their haki abilities, which is another reason why they are so intimidated in the new age.

2. First Look at Luffy’s Gear 5

In One Piece Chapter 1044, fans got to see the awakening of the Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit, a fully grown Luffy. During a fight with Kaido, Luffy uses a new special technique called “Gear 5”. Later, it is revealed that Luffy’s Devil Fruit is not Paramecia, but a mythical Zoan variant called “Hito Hito no Mi” which translates to “human human fruit”.

Now the more interesting thing is that in the film fans will get to see this amazing transformation of Luffy being animated on the big screen. Yes, you don’t have to wait for the anime to catch up to the original manga (which will apparently take a lot of time), in fact, One Piece Film Red is already animating this epic scene from the series.

1. One Piece Film Red Is Canon

If you don’t know the meaning of the word “canon” there is no need to panic. Basically, canon refers to what is considered an official part of the main story. In other words, it has an impact on the overall story of the series. This brings us to the point, is the One Piece film red canon or not?

Is the One Piece Film: Red Movie Canon?

The One Piece movie: Red appears to be not canon in terms of the manga timeline continuity, but may reveal canon information.

Unlike the other One Piece movies that have been released so far, One Piece Film Raid feels very canon. It has a lot of important details related to Red Hair Pirates Plus, it has Shanks in the main light. As Oda has already made clear, Uta is canon and will be seen further in the coming manga chapters.

For some, it won’t be that important right now, but as the  of the One Piece series  unfolds, Shanks is going to play an important role, so this movie is the perfect opportunity to get a better idea of ​​Shanks. thinking. Film Raid appears to be not canon in terms of manga timeline continuity, but may reveal canon information in it.

What is your reaction to the shocking revelations in One Piece film Raid? Feel free to comment your thoughts and tell us about other theories you might find interesting in the latest film in the series, don’t forget to share this article with your fellow otaku friends.

Where to watch One Piece Film Raid?

On 6 August, the film was released theatrically in Japan. Currently, the film is open only in Japan and France. So, wait for the official distributors to release the movie in theaters near you.

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