Anandibaa aur Emily: Serial Twist! Firangi Bahu is Hurt!

Anandi Ba and Emily Upcoming Story, Serial Spoilers, New Anandi Baa and Tamarind Twist, Latest Gossip, and Trending News:

In the upcoming story of Anandiba and Emily, Emily will be very sad to see the recipe paper given by Gunjan Byrne. So far in the story of Anandiba or Tamarind, Gunjan gives Emily a wrong pudding recipe which makes her gondola cooking The competition is lost. Emily runs in hopes of winning it for Anandi Ba and slowly wins her heart too. However, Gunjan wants Emily to lose her, so Anandi Ba throws her out of the house. Aarav also wants Emily to lose so Anandi Ba tells Emily to go back to America and Aarav can get a chance to live an American Dream.

Meanwhile, no one has tried to realize Emily’s dream and wants her to fail as she is the firangan daughter-in-law. According to the latest spoiler from Anandi Baa and Emily, Emily will cry because her recipe is burnt and Aarav. Aarav will be left in a quandary as he is the one who breaks her heart despite knowing Imli’s true dreams. Let’s see if Aarav accepts his mistake in front of Emily and Anandi helps Baa and Tamarind win the cooking contest in future episodes.

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