Anupama 21 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode



Anupama Written Update 21 November 2022

Pakhi argues Anupama not to drop her wedding. Anupama presents a sonnet to her depicting characteristics a mother, how a mother hugely cherishes her youngsters and becomes extreme to get them in the groove again. She opens the entryway and gets back to the party setting where everybody are moving on Tamma.. melody. Pakhi argues again not to indulge everybody’s satisfaction. Anupama yells to stop the music and switch on the lights. Vanraj asks what occurred. Anuj closes the party and demands visitors to leave. Pakhi tells Vanraj that Anupama said. Anupama says Pakh’s wedding is dropped. Vanraj asks reason.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Anupama says howmany botches will she count and portrays how unreasonable, egotistical, obstinate, and ravenous Pakhi is; the means by which she affronted Anuj and Devika’s hard by kidding over it, slighted this grandma and uncle before visitors, how she attempted purchased gems worth lakhs, and so forth. Leela asks what’s going on the off chance that a youngster took 1-2 lakhs’ worth gems. Anupama shows bill and says she purchased adornments worth 60 lakhs. Everybody stand stunned hearing that.Anupama lets Pakhi know that her better half acknowledged Hasmukh’s solicitation due to her and made an honest effort to satisfy Pakhi’s requests, yet thankless and ravenous Pakhi needs more. She says it would have been exceptional if she could have repudiated Pakhi like Vanraj did; guardians ought to represent a condition that they will uphold their youngsters provided that they get regard consequently, however guardians will not do that as they love their kids massively. She keeps on spilling her guts and portrays how individuals will scrutinize a mother’s childhood, and so forth, etc.

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Leela says Pakhi and Samar are offspring of same guardians, yet Pakhi is so self-important and voracious. Kavya says Toshu improved himself, however Pakhi will not. Devika says Anupama needed to battle for everything, except Pakhi got everything served in plate and didn’t esteem it. Anupama proceeds with her discourse and says Pakhi wedded Adhik conflicting with everybody, except she doesn’t regard even him just in no less than seven days of marriage. She says Adhik changed himself, yet how might they change their girl. She uncovers that Pakhi told that very much like her mom wedded a rich man and became rich, even she wedded a rich kid and became rich. She says ladies presently consider becoming self-reliant and not subject to any man; ladies used to wed tip top officials before to partake in a rich life, yet presently ladies themselves become officials, and so on. Anuj lets Pakhi know that since she is Anupama’s girl, he can excuse her for any misstep however not this one. Anupama says circumstance has crossed its cutoff points now.

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Precap: Pakhi won’t take off from Kapadia house. Vanraj demands Anupama not to remove Pakhi out of her home. Anupama requests that he take Pakhi to his home then, at that point. Vanraj stands mum. Anupama inquires as to whether somebody needs to take Pakhi to their home. Leela says young ladies stay in their significant other’s home after marriage. Anupama yells at Pakhi to escape her house.


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