Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode



Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update 25 November 2022

The Episode begins with Priya concealing her face with a cover. She says sorry, I have sensitivity, you may likewise get it. Adi expresses wheeze over Vedika’s face. Vedika asks how could you arrive at Slam for this meeting, your name wasn’t there in my rundown. She says I let you know Adi, I will choose Dad for Slam, I needed to go due to Priya. She requests that Priya get espresso. Priya says I m Slam’s Dad, I will take his orders. Vedika says don’t act oversmart, I guarantee I will expel you. Priya thinks no, you will go out. Raṁ converses with his client and says Sid is the quiet accomplice in this undertaking. Sid comes. Slam asks what are you doing here. Vedika expresses you here. She sent a mail from Beautiful’s side to call Sid. Sid asks Smash for his business share. Vedika asks what are you talking about. Smash says sorry, we need to reschedule this gathering. He asks how dare you Sid, who called you here, we would rather not work with you. Sid says you have called me. Slam asks what do you mean. Sid shows the email and says I got this from your office. Shubham says your idiotic Dad did this. He calls Exquisite there. Priya comes. Shubham reproves her for sending messages. Priya thinks Sid is Shashi’s sibling, Slam will fire me, no I can’t lose this employment. Smash lashes out and leaves. Priya goes to apologize. Smash says Vedika got injured as a result of you, Sid is her ex’ sibling. She says I didn’t have a clue about this, I m sorry for my error, I would have not called him on the off chance that I knew. He says its alright, you might go. Nandini comes and says Vedika was crying, you need to recruit your Dad Beautiful. A man comes to convey the blossoms to Wonderful. Priya thinks I m doing this due to Vedika. Vedika goes to Priya.

Written Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Today Episode

She requests that she get out. She says Slam can’t see me upset. Priya receives Pihu’s message. Pihu composes I have sent roses for Smash, could you at any point give it to him. Adi crashes into the conveyance fellow. Priya leaves. Vedika grins and says she is a careless young lady, presently she will get offended. Adi actually takes a look at the card. The person expresses its for Exquisite. Adi says there is a firework drawing made on this card, who is this Exquisite. Priya apologizes to Slam. Nandini chastens her. Priya figures all that will end assuming she distinguishes me. Shubham asks what are you doing here. Sid says its my business too. Shubham says Shashi killed my father. Sid inquires as to for what reason would it be advisable for me I endure, I was of your age that day, we were sidekicks, as Nandini and you are utilizing Ram’s condition. Nandini requests that Priya leave. Priya figures I will not get found out. Slam says no, stand by. Nandini says type the abdication. Priya says you can’t fire me. Nandini says Smash doesn’t keep any individual who harms Vedika, your agreement isn’t marked, leave. Adi comes and requests that Smash have medications. He demands. Nandini requests that Smash take the medications. She requests that Adi make Beautiful out. Slam prevents Beautiful from leaving. He says I will choose. Adi takes Nandini along. Priya thinks did Adi know my reality. Slam says I need to converse with you. Nandini asks did you call Sid here, Slam wasn’t paying attention to me, what’s going on, I don’t have the foggiest idea, he is reviewing something. Vedika says I thought not. Nandini says we can’t face challenge, we need to accomplish something before Smash’s memory returns. Priya says sorry, I have committed an error this time. Vedika says when I cry, Smash will fire that Dad, you really want me more. Nandini says until Smash has hardly any familiarity with Shashi being in prison. Priya makes sense of Smash about Vedika. She says I will leave by leaving, Vedika has a major issue, she lost her love.Precap:
Smash and Priya have an eyelock. Dua banjaa… plays… Priya acts hurt. Smash thinks about the past and swoons. Pihu and Priya request that Smash get up.


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