“Be careful, it may end in tears” – Amaka advises Daniella about Khalid

Amaka, a level-up housewife from Big Brother Naija, gives her fellow housewife Daniela some dating advice about her relationship with her boyfriend, Khalid.

Amaka, who has seen the Season 7 lovebirds on several occasions, recently spoke with Daniela and expressed her predictions about the future of Daniela’s relationship with Khalid outside the Big Brother house.

Concerned, Amaka shares with Daniel a conversation she had previously had with Khalid, during which she made it clear that it was impossible for her to settle down with a Christian. Daniela was worried about Amaka’s revelations.

Amaka claims that a Muslim roommate shared with her that he could never settle down with anyone other than a Muslim woman.

Amaka asks Daniela if she is willing to be heartbroken after leaving the house if it means she can have an affair with Khaled for the duration of the contest.

“Don’t invest all your heart in dis, you don’t know if it will work out or not. If you take it out of that tension then your heart will not be happy with you. I asked him before you guys started, he said he can date anyone but he wants to marry a Muslim. She said partially.

You may recall that a few days back, a video was taken in which Daniella and Khalid were shown ‘cuddling’ for long periods under the sheets while the other housewife Amaka watched them from their beds.

In a video that is circulating online, Daniela and Khalid can be heard moaning softly as they sleep under the covers in the Big Brother house while the other contestants are asleep.

In his journal session, Khalid confesses to Big Brother that he is content to be in a relationship with Daniela, the information is revealed.

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