Bhagya lakshmi 11th June 2022 update

Bhagya lakshmi 11th June 2022 update

Bhagyalakshmi 11 July 2022 Written Update will be received here You can also get Bhagyalakshmi 11 July 2022 written update through our website Aaj Ka Bhaag Lakshmi 11 July 2022 Episode of Malishka Apologizing in Ceiling Room begins during practice he says that he will say sorry to Neelam for his mistake besides if he is insulted then he can also speak there however Neelam listens to the last part and asks Malishka to apologize to Neelam Malishka gets a little angry on why she wants to ask, but as expected, Malishka quickly changes the subject and starts asking Neelam about Laxmi’s personality, at the same time Rishi is getting along with Balwinder. But there he learns that Balwinder is not at fault. Seeing Balwinder’s swollen face, Virendra asks Reshe why he has come home with Balwinder, laughing at this does not give him any answer, but only Bill Bandar makes him cry. And where do you think these people have given me a lot? hit more

Ignoring Virendra’s question, Rishi ties Balwinder to a nearby room and announces that he wants to know the truth behind Balwinder’s work but what is the truth behind him or no one knows but At the same time Malishka sees everyone walking towards her and it becomes clear to her that seeing Balwinder, she is afraid that the secret may not be exposed and will not go under the wraps, then Malishka will be saved by molesting Neelam. After knowing will break your engagement with Malishka for good or else you will have to decide to watch all episodes of Bhaag Laxmi today 11th July 2022 in this latest episode you can watch it online on g5.com

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