Bhagya Lakshmi 12th August 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Mr. Oberoi calling Lakshmi as daughter-in-law and asking her to collect Shagun coin. He says that in our family, it is always the father-in-law who gives the coin to the daughter-in-law. He asks Neelam if she likes the pairing of Lakshmi and Rishi. Rano says 1 minute and tells that is wrong number and tells that he talked about his daughter Neha’s alliance. Mr Oberoi says how did you think of him and says I admired Lakshmi’s sanskar and values. He says that I did not even talk to Neha. Rano asks Neha to tell about her. Neha tells about him. Mr. Oberoi asks them to understand that Lakshmi has saved Rishi’s life and he has become his. He says that only Lakshmi will become the daughter-in-law of my house. Neha runs to the room and starts crying. Rano asks did you take the name of Lakshmi? Mr. Oberoi says no and says you haven’t even named Neha. Rano says if he wants Neha to marry Rishi

So they are welcome, otherwise leave from here. Neelam says enough and says do you know who she is? She says if we wanted, we would have called the police and asked them to bring all of you home. She says if we wanted then we would have registered a case against you for all the loss of our hotel. She says Lakshmi has saved our son’s life and tells that they have come here on their own wish and will leave on their own. Pritam apologizes to Neelam on behalf of Rano. Neelam asks them to decide whether they want alliance or humiliation. Neha pushes Laxmi and pats her face, hurts her in the room and asks her what she said to Mr. Oberoi, Even after knowing that she loves him. Lakshmi cries. Rano comes there and asks Neha to leave. She tells that Rishi must have had affair with many girls and tells that she was about to cancel the alliance for Neha, they would know and hence are taking your name for the alliance. She asks him to come out and refuse for the marriage.

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th August 2022 Episode Written Update (11/8/2022)
Bhagya Lakshmi 12th August 2022 Episode Written Update (11/8/2022)

 Rano brings Laxmi outside and asks her to tell Mr. Oberoi what she said inside. Mr. Oberoi says it is good that it happened because we didn’t ask you and asked will you marry our son Rishi and become our daughter-in-law. Laxmi thinks about Rano’s words and says I don’t know. Neelam asks her to think about it and answer. Mr Oberoi says you always think about other’s happiness first and says whatever happened now may make you sad. He says you saw your father in me and I saw my daughter-in-law in you. He says if you believe then you will get your father, and I will get my daughter-in-law and Rishi will get true life partner. He says I will ask Rishi to call and meet you, then you will decide. Neelam says this time no one will have any misunderstanding, Lakshmi will decide, yes or no. Neha fire. Pritam apologizes to Mr. Oberoi. Neelam and Mr. Oberoi leave. Lakshmi looks at the coin in her hand and Rishi meets Mr. Oberoi by placing his hand on his head and remembering his words. Play Babylon always lying down…..

Rano tells Neha to stop crying and have food. Neha says she wants Rishi and says Guar will snatch my Rishi from me. Rano promises her that she will get Rishi. Rishi calls Shalu and says I am Rishi on call. Shalu asks Lakshmi to talk to Rishi. Rishi says hello, Lakshmi. Lakshmi says sir. Rishi thinks that Lakshmi is saving him, and washes his face. He says that is your voice….She asks what happened to my voice. He says it is sweet.

 Bani and Shalu ask God to make Rishi their brother-in-law and do not let anyone come between them. Rishi says actually dad asked me to call you and asks if she will come on date with him. She says date, and says I know today’s date. Rishi says I am talking about date, and tells that boy and girl meet to know each other. Lakshmi says that it is found and tells that when boy and girl meet then someone else is with them. He says that he is talking about the date of the city. He tells her not to worry and says that he will not let anything happen to her. He says that he will come to pick her up and ends the call.

 Shalu and Bani ask what has happened. Lakshmi says yes. Rano asks Laxmi not to go on a date and tells what happened to Balwinder last time. She says that Rishi is not the right guy for her. Shalu says Rishi was good to Neha. Rano says that Rishi was bad for Neha too, but the latter wants to marry the rich boy and knows how to handle the people of the city. Shalu argues and says you have sent Lakshmi with Balwinder, which was bad. Rano sends him. She asks Lakshmi if she will accompany Rishi. Laxmi says Virendra uncle is like my father. Rano thinks that she will threaten him against Rishi and says that he will drink and insult people. Neha tells him to call him if he misbehaves with her. Shalu feels that they are threatening him, She can refuse to go and comes inside, tells that Bani fell. Lakshmi goes with Rano.

Lakshmi asks Shalu where is Bani? Shalu says Bani is playing outside. Lakshmi says Chachi is not wrong, that Chachi has politely threatened us to either obey or face humiliation. Bani comes there and tells that the groom had come in a big car. Shalu asks Lakshmi to listen to her heart and tells her to go and get ready. Rishi gets down from his car and calls Rano. Rano says Lakshmi is coming. Neha looks at him. His friend tells that the villager sister snatched him. Neha says just tonight, tomorrow he will be mine.

Neha tells Lakshmi that if she sees anything wrong then she runs away. Rano says that he called Lakshmi alone and asks her to leave. She says that if Lakshmi goes alone, her hands and feet will tremble and she will come back in fear. The sage is waiting for Lakshmi. Laxmi comes out for her car. He says hi, my family is looking for girl for me, and dad says you have first right on me to save my life, and so I could not refuse him and came to meet me.

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