Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 18th August 2022 Written Update Today Episode

The episode begins with Anjali tying rakhi to Indu and performing her aarti. Indu gives her a gift. Anjali proposed vote of thanks. Asha tied a rakhi to Indu. Sunita says we have tied security thread to the protectors. Rajendra is going to the kitchen. Zoon brings Vivek there and says that she brought him here. Vivek says sorry, I was given overdue to wake up. Indu tells June to tie rakhi to Vivek uncle. Zoon ties a rakhi to Vivek and then gives him chocolates. Vivek gives her chocolates and gives Indu a savings plan paper. He says he has taken it upon himself to deposit some cash every month for Zune, so that when she turns 18, so that she doesn’t have to worry about her education expenses. Indu gets emotional. Anjali and Asha also get emotional. He asks how is my Rakhi? Zune says you only have one, And says that Moj has two rakhis. She asks Asha to tie rakhi. Vivek says no. Indu thinks of them. She tells Zoon to get ready to go to high school and asks Vivek to drop Asha at her workplace. She says we can have breakfast.

Written Update Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Today Episode

At school, Zoon and a boy Aryan fight with each other. Some college students cheer for Zoon and some for Aryan. Teacher comes there and asks why are you pulling different hairs, what is this misbehavior? Aryan says he threw water on my coloring e book. Zun says he didn’t do it intentionally. Zoon’s friend says that Aryan called Ritesh a terrible boy. Aryan says she calls me liar. Zun gets angry, Opens the water bottle and splashes it on Aryan’s face. Indu gets the name of Satish. She is the one to decide. Satish bhai comes there and says you didn’t choose my name. Indu says I was about to take. He says you have taken a loan of three lakhs from me when there was a turning point in your daughter’s luck. He says I gave loan because of Prashant. They say that you did not pay the installment on the basis of 2 months.

Indu says there is trouble in the house and says she can supply money quickly. Zoon feels that Moz will scold him a lot and asks the teacher to call his new number. She offers Ritesh’s number to the trainer. Rahul tells Ritesh that he has a meeting with Kadambari. He says that someone’s name is unknown. Riteish says it could be a far-fetched name. The teacher tells her that she is Zune’s instructor and that she needs to talk to her mother. Jun thinks genie Ritesh, please understand with magic. Ritesh feels that Zoon might be in trouble. He asks her to message him for his mother. The teacher tells that Jun turned to goonda giri with the boys. Ritesh laughed. The teacher gets angry and asks him to send his mother to school. Ritesh asks the driving force to take him to SM Version College. Rahul says no. We have interviewed the influential person and then interviewed with Kadambari. He says we are already overdue for interview.

Ritesh says I will sort it out. He calls Kadambari. Kadambari asks where are you? Ritesh tells that he is stuck in critical work. Kadambari says that his team has been busy for his interview since morning and they have installed a camera for it. Ritesh says I will compensate your loss. Kadambari shouts at him that they are not sitting here just to interview him. She says this is an unprofessional mindset. Ritesh asks her not to talk about professionalism anymore and without asking me to get my pc published with the girl. He says if you need, we can do interview next day or next week. She says that she is busy all week. He says you don’t need me now. He ends the call. Kadambari gets angry at Ritesh.

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Indu learns from her head that she is seeing Ritesh Malhotra as the chief guest at the 15th August birthday celebrations. He asks Payal to post the pamphlet. The peon tells the instructor that Ritesh Malhotra has come to pick up Jun Raina. Ritesh comes inside and says hello. Zun smiles. The teacher talks to him in pure Hindi, but he does not understand. She asks from which planet have you come here. She asks who is Indu in? He says we are good friends, he has to go somewhere immediately. The teacher says that if he doesn’t have time for his daughter. Ritesh tells that Indu went to the medical institute with her mother. The teacher asks what happened to Sunita ji. he says yes And says that she fell in the rest room. They say that why humans make bathrooms. Teachers say that can’t manage at this age. Ritesh asks which paintings do you have with Indu. The teacher says that Zoon is a sweet, sensitive and tender woman, but doesn’t know how the negativity has come into her. Ritesh asks how will you give input faculty to someone.

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Latest Spoiler Alerts 18th August 2022

Anjali calls Indu. Indu says fine, I will pick up Zun. The teacher tells that Zoon has had a fight with a boy. She says we do not support the fight. Ritesh says that he has forgotten his Hindi dictionary at home. Teacher says they don’t sell such things and concept to talk to Indu. Riteish says it is happening because of his mother and says he has AM, controls anger and breaks matters. The teacher says that she has knowledgeable and precise manners. Riteish says she doesn’t show her anger. Saatchi says. Zun Muchi says. Riteish tells that Sunita has heart disease,

And the health doctor said that it could fall at any time, and Indu’s father had an accident. He says this kid… he acts and makes the teacher emotional and tears in his eyes. Then he gives the tissue and water to the teacher. He says that Zoon’s nanny is crying for Zoon, and is wondering if she will be able to close her eyes before coming home. The teacher asked him to take Zun away from here. Ritesh says what about his maths pride. Teacher says she can see it. He says you are an excellent teacher. Teachers say that God will give you the courage to deal with the problems of existence. Indu comes to school and the peon tells her that Ritesh Malhotra took June with him. Indu is bowled.

Precap: Indu meets Ritesh and says you cannot be an excellent son to your mother and give me lectures. Riteish asks her not to say a single word towards her mother. He asks did you inform Zoon that you are divorced, and says that a stepmother is better than you. Indu screams and warns her to stay away from Zoon. Ritesh says do something whatever you want, I will meet Zun.

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