Bride Groom Viral Video: Seven vows of marriage broken in just seven seconds, watch video

Video of bride and groom: A shocking video of the bride and groom is becoming fiercely viral on social media. People are liking it a lot. Netizens are also not forgetting to comment on such videos.

Dulhan Groom Videos:  Sometimes weddings become a dramatic affair, as we see in serials. A few days back in Maharashtra, a bride broke off the marriage because the groom was in a state of intoxication and married another person on the same day. One such strange case has come to the fore. In this video that is going viral, Tu-Tu, Main-Main is happening between the bride and groom. After this, the bride refused to marry because the groom was not educated.

The bride refused marriage because of this

In this video that went viral on social media, it can be seen that the bride refused to marry the groom at any cost. In the clip, the bride and groom are seen standing on the stage with jaimala in their hands. During the jaimala ceremony, the groom puts his jaimala around the bride’s neck, but the bride refuses to wear the garland. Then she announces to everyone from the stage that she will not marry the groom as he is illiterate and is doing B.Ed.

The groom is not educated, the bride breaks the marriage in anger

When a man standing near the stage asked why she did not want to marry the groom, the bride said, ‘I am educated. I am doing B.Ed. He is completely illiterate. can i be happy with him? You tell me? I can’t marry her. A man from the crowd then asks the bride why she did not refuse to marry him earlier. She replies that her father was forcing her to marry the man for money. The bride is then faced with more questions but she reiterates that she wants a man who is equal to her and can speak to her in English.

what is the truth behind this video

The video has been uploaded on Instagram by the page ‘bridal_lehenga_designn’. It has been viewed over 44,000 times and has garnered nearly two thousand likes. Maybe the video going viral is not from someone’s real life but a part of a comedy scene, because many such videos have come before this too. After watching this video, people are also saying that this video of bride and groom fight is fake and the acting is clearly visible. At present, where is this matter from or what is the truth behind this video, it has not been confirmed.

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