Doosri Maa 25 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode



Doosri Maa Written Update 25 November 2022

The Episode begins with Amma inquiring as to whether not about the relatives. Yashoda says we can facilitate this matter on the off chance that we need, however assuming we drag it the young ladies will impacted as well. She says we are tryingb to effectively defend himself, and when we do this, then Krishna will go exceptionally far away from you. Mahua calls Kamini and inquires as to why she didn’t come. Kamini asks what was the deal? Mahua says something major have occurred at home, you ought to have come here, as you just can place ghee in fire. Kamini requests that she tell. Mahua says I won’t tell on telephone. Kamini closes the call and figures she will take out muktani mitti from her face.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Yashoda is bringing her girls back home. Aastha is angry with her. Yashoda inquires as to whether they need to have pizza party. Aastha says OK. Yashoda inquires as to whether they are vexed as she isn’t investing energy with them and has brought krishna home. Nupur says Didi feels this more. Yashoda says who can have your spot in my life, no one, not even Krishna. Yashoda tells that when we are conceived, we can’t pick our folks and like wise different relations, however we can pick our companions. She says Krishna got the existence which he didn’t pick, he didn’t get his dad’s affection. She says Krishna used to go to class previously. She says Krishna picked her as his companion and felt that she can save him from awful life. Aastha requests that she send him back. Yashoda says one day he will go, he didn’t come for eternity. Aastha requests soda. Yashoda says it isn’t great for health,but I will bring it. while Yashoda goes, Aastha lets Nupur know that he is certainly not a decent kid. Nupur says ok.Ashok tells Manoj that Babu ji talks so gravely with Krishna, I want to let him know that he is his stupendous child. He says we need to track down the cart rider. Ashok says liability is huge, on the off chance that we can satisfy or not, will be known later. Manoj requests a document. Ashok says he has failed to remember it at home.

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Yashoda is showing her girls. Nupur calls Krishna and requests that he bring water for her. Yashoda requests that she proceed to bring it herself. Aastha expresses for what reason to work when we have Worker at home. Krishna says he will bring. Ashok calls Yashoda and asks her for document. Yashoda says it is in pantry. Ashok takes the record and drops Mala’s pic unintentionally. Krishna ponders Mala and gets miserable. Yashoda comes there and inquires as to for what reason would he say he is sitting miserable? He inquires as to whether there is any work. yashoda asks him not to talk like that. Yashoda asks him not to feel awful, about Amma’s words and think himself as the visitor of the house. She says visitors don’t remain for a really long time. He gets mournful eyes. She asks him not to regret Aastha’s words. He says they are your girls, I don’t genuinely regret their words. I need to play with them, however they don’t need. She carries krishna to the children’s room and inquires as to whether they need to play game. The young ladies’ decline. Yashoda lets Krishna know that they will play game with him. Yashoda says I will make delicious breakfast for you.

Doosri Maa Latest Spoiler Alerts 25 November 2022

They go to play. Yashod feels glad for her little girls and says Krishna is a decent kid. Krishna begins counting. They go to Ashok’s space to stow away. Aastha races to washroom and requests that Nupur close the entryway from outside, then, at that point, they will get Krishna reprimanded by Dadi. Nupur locks the restroom entryway and stows away. Krishna comes there and says I will look through you. He approaches the photograph, yet doesn’t see it. The photograph flies out. Nupur runs outside and conceals under the seat. Nupur makes mew sound according to Aastha’s words. Amma comes there hearing mew sound. She is going to see Mala’s pic.

Precap: Nupur and Aastha are having Mala’s pic, when Sonu and Kamini come and demand to see the pic. They decline and run. Sonu grabs pic from her hand and runs. He crashes into Ashok. Kamini looks on.


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