Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th August 2022 Written Update Today Episode

The Chavans enjoyed the Raksha Bandhan ceremony. Just as Shivani ties rakhi to Ninad and Omkar, the goddess ties rakhi to Virat and Mohit. Devi gets emotional seeing the picture of the emperor. Viraat and Mohit comfort her and hope that Samrat will be alive among them. Everyone gets emotional.
Sai tells Vinayaka that his emperor was maternal uncle/uncle who also became his uncle, he usually wanted to satisfy everyone and probably requested all of them to celebrate Vinayaka’s first Rakhi festival with joy and stop crying Are. Everyone smile. Devi says that she bought 2 rakhis for her Vinayak, one from his sister and the other from his sister’s mother. Rakhi is tied to Vinayak. Virat gives her 2 present envelopes. She says that she will only take 1 and wants to hold the baby in her palms. Sai gives him Vinayak.

An organization of kisses runs after hearing the sound of the child’s arrival. Bhavani welcomes them and says that when they bless their grandson she will give them saree and gifts. The eunuchs say that the grandmother seems very friendly. Ashwini says Bhavani is the eldest grandmother and very friendly. They ask who is the child’s mother. Sai and Pakhi come forward. Sai says she is the child’s mother. Bhavani says Pakhi gave delivery. Virat asks that when Kanhaji can have mother of Yashoda and Devaki, why can’t his son have 2 mothers. Kinnar asks her to come forward to seek blessings along with the child’s mother and takes Pakhi aside. Pakhi gets jealous and disappointed and goes to her room. The eunuchs bless the infant and pray that the infant gets brothers and sisters soon. Sai asks him to bless Vinayak

Because he is their best child. Ashwini sends them off with gifts. Vinayak starts crying. Bhavani searches for Pakhi and asks Sai to take Vinayak to feed Pakhi. Pakhi locks herself up and tries to commit suicide by hitting herself. Sai takes Vinayak to Pakhi and is shocked to see this. She calls her family who run to her and bow down to see Pakhi attempt suicide. Virat asks her to open the door and talk to them. Pakhi says she has no other option. Sonali asks why is Pakhi doing this. Karishma says what can a woman do when her child is suddenly taken away from her. Virat breaks the door and brings Pakhi down. Pakhi cries saying that she doesn’t need to live as she is alone after losing Samrat and now her child. Bhavani says

Sai is stunned to see Pakhi’s condition. She returns to her room with Vinayak and wonders if Paakhi is pretending to snatch her child. Pulkit calls a psychiatrist who assesses Pakhi and says that Pakhi has lost the will to live, so they have to make her realize that she is not herself. After some time, Bhavani tells her family that she does not expect such an incident to happen again. Sonali and Karishma say that Pakhi is feeling lonely after losing her child and needs her back. Bhavani says Sonali is right. Sai says the child goes back to the proper area, the child is his and not Pakhi’s. Virat says she is fine, but they all must be trying to find out why Pakhi took this drastic step.

Family discussions continue. Mansi asks if they can bring Pakhi to Sai and Virat’s child to purchase Pakhi’s existence. Sai says that he is in no way aware of Mansi’s pain, although Vinayak is her and Virat’s son and he will no longer give it to Pakhi. Bhavani supports Mansi and decides to hand over Vinayak to Pakhi. Pakhi goes to them and asks if she can adopt Vinayak as a mother. Sai learns that Pakhi actually did a play to capture her son, but she will no longer be able to allow that manifest. And endangering the existence of the child. Virat tells Sai that Pakhi is wrong, but she is a member of the family. Sai says that she will not be able to spare all those who will guide Pakhi and get her arrested. Virat asks if she can arrest him.
Sai says that if he tries to bring Sai back to this abode, she will completely leave him and their house along with her infant.

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