Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Supports Pakhi Against Bhavani

Pakhi tells Bhavani that when Bhavani and Mansi were suhagan when they gave birth to their children, what is wrong if she wears the clothes of a married woman for the sake of her child. Sai enters and says that this is their child, although a woman has the right to wear clothes of her choice. Bhavani warns him to stop talking nonsense, Pakhi cannot wear colorful clothes. Pakhi says that Bhavani always says that she should be happy, then what is the problem if she wears colorful clothes for her happiness. Ashwini says that she has the right to wear colored clothes. Bhavani says that the widow should not wear colored clothes. Sai asks what is wrong if a young girl has lost her husband and wants to lead a normal life, So why does society want to take away his basic rights. Neighbors say that Chavan’s educated daughter-in-law is giving moral knowledge. Bhavani continues to argue with Sai.

Pakhi thanks Sai for supporting him. Sai says she doesn’t understand his actions. Pakhi says that this time she is thinking with all her heart that why just wants to show her child that his mother is happy. Sai says she will support him for her child. Bhavani thinks that she will have to bear Pakhi’s tantrums until she gives birth to a child.

Virat gets a sketch of the goon from the sketch artist who attacked Sai. Sai reached there. Virat asks Inspector Kadam to show the sketch. Sai sees the sketch and says that there were 2 goons and guide artist to prepare the sketch. She gets worried when she can’t help him achieve the desired result. Virat asks her to calm down as only a few percent of the drawings come out the same. Sai gets angry at him and says that when he
cannot help his wife, how will he help the general public. Kadam says that he will soon trace the goons who tried to steal madam’s purse and mobile. The man who came to help Virat calls the goon and tells that Sai is the wife of an IPS officer and he should be careful as he is determined to nab her.

The goon calls Pakhi and asks why he didn’t reveal that the woman he asked to attack is the wife of an IPS officer. Pakhi says it doesn’t matter as she had given him a small task in return for arresting her. Gundan warns him that if he gets into trouble, she will be in trouble too. Pakhi gets angry that Sai always spoils her plans. She calls Vaishali and tells that Sai is behind the goons who attacked her. Vaishali says that she told her that Sai will not keep quiet. Pakhi argues with him and says that she will join Sai’s good books to avoid Sai’s doubts.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th August 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Some dacoits robbed a bank at gunpoint. A bank employee tried to call the police, but the dacoit shot him. They warn everyone not to inform the police after leaving. in police station, Sai continues to show his anger at Virat and asks him to find out about the woman who misled Geeta. There are constant calls to the officers. The DIG reaches and calls a meeting immediately. He gives information about dacoits robbing a bank and heading to Nagpur in a black SUV. He asks Virat to lead the team on a mission to nab the criminals. When Sai stops and continues to argue, Virat tries to leave the police station with his team. Virat says that he is going on a mission. She gives him chocolate as a substitute for sweet curd. Virat says there is no need for drama, his taunts are enough for him. After this, Virat gets ready for the mission and informs his team about it. His taunts are enough for him. After this, Virat gets ready for the mission and informs his team about it. His taunts are enough for him. After this, Virat gets ready for the mission and informs his team about it.

Ashwini offers dry fruit milk to Pakhi. Pakhi thanks her and says that she was right that the child is Sai’s, so she will get herself admitted to Sai’s hospital for regular check-up. Bhavani happily asks how did she change her tone when she and Sai were fighting like cat and mouse. Pakhi says that she thought that she should not stop Sai from meeting her child, so she will call Virat to take her to the hospital. She calls Virat, who disconnects her call. Bhavani says that Pakhi is not mentally stable today and hence she will go with him to the hospital. Pakhi agrees and shows bad expression.

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