Harphoul Mohini 25 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode



Harphoul Mohini Written Update 25 November 2022

Scene 1
Harphoul carries Devi to the transport stand. Devi says what are we doing here? We are at some unacceptable spot. He says we are at the ideal locations. Do you like cotton treats? She gestures. Harphoul gets it for herself and takes her to the transport. Harphoul takes her to the transport and expresses stay here I am returning. She expresses return quick. I will consider names for the cows till then, at that point. Harphoul gives her cash and says keep it, you could require it. Devi says however why. Harphoul leaves. The transport begins. Devi ponders where did he go?

Written Update Harphoul Mohini Today Episode

Balwant says where could that Devi be? I needed to meet her. Santok says to avoid her. The transport separates, and Devi gets down. She searches for Harphoul. The transport leaves. Devi is separated from everyone else out and about. Mai requests that Divyani really take a look at Mohini. Mohini is terrified. Devi denotes a line on the sand with wood. The fastens on Mohini’s belly. Mai says there are such countless fastens. You will not accomplish any work. Mohini can’t see any scars. Mai says would you say you are cheerful at this point? Divyani tells Balwant Mohini finished the medical procedure. Balwant says to deal with the DIL now. He leaves.Scene 2
Harphoul returns and searches for the transport. HE inquires as to whether they have seen the young lady. Devi strolls out and about. Balwant says I need to see who that Devi is. Devi strolls out and about towards his vehicle. She remains in center. Balwant stops his vehicle. He reviews he saw her in his fantasy. He says I saw her in my fantasy the previous evening. I will kill her myself. He begins driving towards her. The vehicle passes through Devi and they generally hit their heads and get harmed. Devi grins at them. Balwant says where did that young lady go. Banwari says there’s no young lady. You’re fantasizing. Devi attempts to review her direction back home. She plays cricket with the young men out and about. They don’t let her play. They say young ladies don’t play cricket. You just clap.

Harphoul Mohini Today’s Episode Online

Harphoul returns home. Mohini asks where could Devi be? Harphoul considers what to tell Mohini. Mohini says you did likewise to Devi what you did do to me? Disgrace on you. The children toss the ball and a man Mogambo chacha gets it. Mohini says I can get the ball from him. He says Mogambo chacha is an exceptionally risky man. He makes kids cry. Devi goes inside the home. Mohini says do you show at least a bit of kindness? I shouldn’t have sent her with you. I trust you and you let a kid be. She goes out to search for him. Devi thumps on the entryway. The man is a thug. He opens the gate.

Harphoul Mohini Latest Spoiler Alerts 25 November 2022

Episode ends

Precap: Mohini is searching for Devi all over the place. Balvant sees Devi with a man and says now who will save her from me.


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