Heart Touching Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

-: Friends, today we have brought for you, Heat Touching Love Shayari in Hindi do you want to share some poetry with your love, we havebrought Bast Love Shayari for you.
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Hindi Shayari / Hindi Shayari

These insects and moths
started dancing and singing to Nisha of the lamp, showing their flight

  • they started teasing the hawk.

By breaking my comfort, what will you do for your
end, just by sucking a little blood,
what will you measure the whole sky.
To the flame of the brain, to the boil of the side, to
the web of dreams, it is necessary to cover the sun-dusted cheeks
daily, it is necessary to look in the mirror.

Ink is indelible, there is no room for your mistake
, even in the sleep of adulteration in personality.

sad shayari in hindi for gf 

To grow tomorrow’s fruit by sprouting new seeds, we
stopped today, till the same garden, we will not get fruits again .

Seeing the weapons in the war, why doesn’t the blood boil, the
cold fans, how do you sleep in the blankets, it is necessary to
shine the world brightly in the dark nights , it is
necessary to look in the mirror.!!

There are passengers, all the transport keeps on changing , they keep leaving
only partially with the right

Mohmaya’s compulsions demands a distance of a few moments to remind loved ones to
adopt again .

Be it a subscription or a membership renewal, one has to get it done and the phone memory has to be erased by storing
some unique memories .

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There is so much in some bitterness, disharmony knowingly or unknowingly , human mistakes also
thread in those sour-sweet natures .

Why don’t we accept our mistake by changing some flowers and communicate a new relationship again with
the blessings of God .

Heard the plane had fallen, heard that there could have been a fire
, heard that people immediately started removing
and saving the lives of the injured.

It must have been seen many times that someone saves the unknown by
throwing everything on the roads, in factories, in houses.

Gave a few lakhs to those who died and thousands of money to the injured
, just give some praise, take
out the advertisements of the heroes.!!

I have brought a gift of colors, gulal,
go out, I have
brought rain for your sake, I have to paint your torn clothes with mud

One color of friendship, of love, of love,
you take your torso even on my sleeve
, the day is of Angarais,
today you fill me with marks of congratulations.

Give me the blessings of Holi,
take back all the enmity arising out of my mistakes, you
have to give medicine for your every pain, every pain, today you have to pray
for your belongingness.

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Heart Touching Love Shayari in Hindi

Love image Shayari

Give color to me with untold questions, with answers, I may be engrossed in
your mind with
every tried-and-tested book .

You will come out with a jingle again , oh
friend, if you are with us, the world will see, every scarf will have its own color
by staring at us .

I don’t feel like losing the zeal of your feelings and thoughts, I don’t feel like washing the
color from your hands .

Those who live far away from us
, O Lafz Mere, you wake them up too, smile on their cheeks, apply a little gulal
of happiness from my side.

Had to say something to him, we could not say,
he left after waking up, we could not stay
, waiting for him, it was morning and evening..
But now I came to know, Munni has become infamous.

We used to say, hi! What seems to be
the kindness of the above is clearly visible,
but this lady of the angel form has become unbridled,
what to tell you, Munni has become infamous.!!

Everyone likes to travel during the holidays,
every weekend enjoys a lot, even after bunking
lectures, the lake-garden became the pride of the lake
, what to tell, Munni has become infamous.!!

The evening lightened, the jam spilled out, the intoxication started rising,
that cup of nectar started to embrace everyone,
who knows what it is, my fate will be
in these drops of wine, my ocean will be.

Sab Shayari image HD

It was a beautiful evening, it was colorful,
the details to cheer the gathering were friends, the
friends involved were saying, man,
you have grown a little bit, then why do you manage so much
once you drink and see,
your every wish, every wish will be seen. !!

You don’t know what our seniors
who used to top every semester
keep the news, you
used to drink it often.

Come on no one, try not to drink alcohol, take
a sip of a sweet sweet even more lovely than this,
my friend.!!

I was thinking, how will my body feel, how much will my body
be under my control, how much will it affect my health, will
thirst increase further by tasting it once.

Then I think, I should drink it, the night
is still left, I will live! I will live
with the one who is still with me.!!

Everyone says, college life is incomplete without it
and to have fun, sir, drinking is a must.

The mind was a disaster, the storm was swirling
in the principles and friendship, I was poor,
after refusing to dress, it became a joke, this person
was with him but, the sign of friendship was missing.!!

People celebrate Eid by fasting for a month,
we have removed Umar
waiting for the moon.

Hindi Shayari DP photo

Ramadan will reach its destination, sometime prayer will bring color to our house, Eid will surely come
from their home .

There was a lot of ruckus, she wooed something in your friend’s photo, don’t convince her
or tell her false praise to her.

Do friendship of koi toh sila do you
meet Sakha once, you
have to increase the brightness in our photos too, you have to
apply the hashtag of the couple’s challenge.!!

Lo wasted again, tell me how long will you
keep doing this whole day
without you.

Neither Meera distraught nor Radha should
love Darshan, you only tell
how much Kanha should wait in Kali Yuga.

I remember how to write a song at least once,
where do you find your love.

We are holding the stubbornness, as usual,
today again there will be austerity and
then there will be chanting of your name.

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