Imlie 21 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode



Imlie Written Update 21 November 2022

Imlie requests that Devika deal with Atharva and runs behind hooligans. A thug tosses blade towards Imlie. Chini meddles and bears the blade on her arm. Atharva races to her concerned and eliminates blade from her. Chini begins crying. Atharva requests that cousin call emergency vehicle. Cousins telephone network is stuck. Divya says misrepresentation minister and his hooligans probably fixed network jammers. Shavani blames Imlie for calling counterfeit cleric and his thugs. Imlie says she checked all that prior to calling a minister, how could she at any point respond when even her darlings sell out her. Akash illuminates that thugs removed every one of the vehicles. Chini and Atharva take a gander at one another. Imlie asks Chini for what good reason did she meddle and put her life in danger. Chini thinks she is really meddling among her and Atharva and grab Atharva from her. She says she saved her sister. Atharva attempts to assist Chini with standing up. Chini says she got a leg sprain. Atharva lifts her and takes her to a room.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Rudra gets back and stands stunned seeing that. Chini smiles at Rudra. Rudra tells Devika that Chini’s smile uncovered that she carried thugs and inconveniences alongside her. He makes sense of her what Chini probably finished. Imlie medical caretakers Chini’s injury crying. Atharva’s cousin says bhabhi is crying more than Chini didi. Imlie says she won’t allow Chini to go until she recovers. Rudra calls Imlie and says Chini can’t remain here. Imlie says she needs to deal with her sister. Rudra says Chini needs care as well as clinical treatment, she can remain at Rathore house where Sundar, Arpita, and Rupali can deal with her. Devika backs Rudra.Keya strolls to Chini’s room. Chini uncovers her arrangement to remain at Rana House and send Imlie out of it. Keya inquires as to whether Chini doesn’t. Chini says Imlie will come at this moment and ask her to.. Imlie strolls in and says she can’t remain here. Atharva joins her and says Imlie is correct, Chini will be moved to a medical clinic in Rudra’s vehicle. Devika strolls in straightaway and requests that Imlie gather her sacks to remain with Chini in the emergency clinic. Chini exhaust seeing her arrangement coming up short. At Rathore house, Sundar receives Atharva’s message about the mishap and illuminates Rupali and Arpita. Rupali feels regretful for questioning Chini generally, however Chini put her life in danger and saved Imlie today. Arpita solaces her.

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Chini figures how might Imlie convey out of Rana house when she is harmed while doesnt’ let her get up regardless of whether she gets fever. Rudra remains before her room and boisterously lets specialist know that Chini is Imlie’s taken on sister and not a genuine one and simply remains at her home. He tells Chini that Imlie booked a city’s best specialist for herself and she ought to be grateful to Imlie. Chini messages Jatin to come soon and remove her as she is hanging tight for him with cash and adornments. Imlie separates seeing Chini’s blood stained scarf. Atharva sees her. Imlie cries that she would have become vagrant assuming something happened to Chini today. Atharva solaces her. Imlie cries embracing him.

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 21 November 2022

Precap: Atharva illuminates that Jatin abducted Chini. Rudra lets Imlie know that understanding truth troublesome. Imlie says she will figure out truth and rebuff the guilty parties. She and Rudra connect Chini and Jatin’s hideaway. Rudra sees Jatin fixing jewelry in Chini’s neck and illuminates Imlie that Chini and Jatin are in a hovel. Imlie enters hovel and stands shocked.


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