Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 13th August 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Anu saying that Armaan likes you, he is a nice guy, it will be difficult for him to bear that he lost you. Gungun says he is my good friend. He says he will not try to meet your eyes. She remembers Armaan. Anu says when something happens in heart, it comes on face, he doesn’t want you to read it. She asks should I leave the job. He says no, I have no problem with him, I trust you a lot. She sees Armaan leaving.

Its morning, Gungun comes to office. She sees the employees decorating the office. They say maybe it’s his birthday. Gungun also helps them. Armaan comes with the chairman. The man says I have to give you a good news, because of your hard work our company name is on the top, so congratulations, I have increased your salary by 10%, our new magazine has created a record, Armaan did it for Picked the perfect face, Welcome to our company, Gungun, I am promoting her, she will be the editor-in-chief of the channel, Armaan recommended her.

He says we are sure you will take the company to new level, this is also Armaan’s farewell party. Gungun asks Vidaa? He says sorry, I thought Armaan informed you, he is joining top US media network as editor in chief. Armaan does poetry.

Armaan says American company was contacting me for a long time, time is in our work, time has come to leave here, muttering was the reason I was here, I wanted to cover his story and I She did, she’s working for the magazine, I’m sure I don’t need to here, you all can handle the company well. Gungun asks how will I handle this big responsibility alone. Armaan says if I can do it, then you can also do it, better than me.

He asks everyone to trust Gungun and give him some time, don’t judge him. He thanked the staff. He says I will really miss you. Mungun wonders if he is leaving because of me, does he really like me. Armaan asks Gungun to say few words. She says I am shocked by this news, Armaan had given me this job, I took it to make up my mind but now I love my work, she told me that whatever we do Love, life gives us many chances, we should make any chance right, he gave me a lot, and experience too. She wishes Armaan all the best. He cries. She says we will hope you come back soon, we all will wait for you, I don’t want you to go as a friend.

Armaan and Gungun leave the office. they move. She laughs and says you didn’t see me a year ago, I was not like that. He asks how were you. She says I never did any work, I never thought that I will fall in love with Anu. He says I wish I had met you a year ago, when you were not in love with Anu, when you did not like to walk, I want to see that humming. She asks when is your flight. He says tomorrow morning. She says you are in hurry to go to America, why didn’t you tell me earlier.

He asks what will you do. She says I would have been ready. He asks her to come for dinner tonight and make memories. He says I am joking, I know your husband is waiting for you. She asks why are you joking. He says because I am leaving. She says I will miss you a lot, you are my special friend and don’t want you to go, I want you to stay with me, we don’t get true friends easily. He says save me from women’s gossip. She says you have to gossip when you come back. He gets sad. She asks what happened. He says my leg is hurting, I will call driver, he will drop you home. She says there is no need, I will go. He says we will meet after one year. She says we can meet soon too. She left.

He gets a call from the restaurant. The man says you booked for two people, are you coming for dinner. Armaan says not this time, cancel it. He leaves. Gungun comes home and talks to Anu. He jokes that a wife should not worry, but a mother always cares. She says I am feeling hungry. He says your food is already here. He asks how was the day. She says well. He feeds her. She gives the good news of her promotion. He says you are joking. She says no. She shows pictures.

He congratulates her and says but Armaan is the chief editor. She says that the bad news is that she is leaving to join an American media house. He says this is double good news. they laughed.

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