Kacha Badam Web Series (Cineprime) release date-cast and trailer details

Hello friends, welcome to our website, my name is Rahul Tiwari and in today’s post we will tell you about the OTT release date of Kachcha Badam web series and the cast and trailer working in this web series. You will be provided complete information about this, so if you want to watch the Classroom Badam web series, then you will have to wait for some more time and its release date has been made available to you here.

The song Kacha Badam became a huge hit. The success of the song brought fame not only to the singer, but also to many dancers. Now, Cineprime has decided to come up with a short web series titled Kachha Badam.

Now of course, the web series Kachcha Badam Girl is not about Anjali Arora. Even though Anjali Arora is famous for the circulation of her leaked MMS videos these days. Here’s what to expect from the Kacha Badam web series.

Kacha Badam web being release date

title nameKacha Badam
release dateTBA
online platformcine prime

Cineprime has just released a community post mentioning thatKacha Badam is their upcoming web series. In the poster of the web series, we can see a girl in front showing off her panties with her frock.

We can expect the Kacha Badam web series to release in the second week of September. Earlier, Cineprime has released some amazing web series which include Baba Raj, MAMI No-1, and many more.

Kacha Badam web series cast

  • Not updated yet.

watch online Kacha Badam web series

Cineprime web series is getting good response from fans and critics. We are hopeful that with the release of Cineprime, the Kachha Badam web series, Ullu app can compete with Primeshots app. Fans are excited to see what the new Cineprime can come up with with Kacha Badam.

It is a good move by Cineprime creators to come up with such a popular name. Due to the promotion of Kachcha Badam Girl “Anjali Arora” the web series can be viewed in huge quantity. We will update you as soon as Cineprime releases the teaser, trailer and any other updates regarding the web series.

Meanwhile, fans are demanding Cineprime to bring back actresses like Aaliyah Naaz and Edin Rose with Good Girls series, more web series with girl-on-girl action and upcoming web series.

Kacha Badam web series trailer details

The first look poster of Kachcha Badam web series has been released but till now its trailer has not been released, although Kacha Badam is a song, so a web series has been made based on this song which is going to be released on Cine Prime app, so it is The web series has not been released yet and its trailer has not been released yet, only the first look poster has been released, so enjoy the first look poster, wait for the train and as soon as the trailer is released or the trailer is released. Guess the date we will update you through this post

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