Main Hoon Aparajita 25 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode



Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 25 November 2022

Scene 1
Aparajita cries and figures they will kill Akshay, I need to accomplish something yet the children are locked there as well. What would it be advisable for me I do..

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Asha is crying in the kitchen and says Maa should have not tracked down another stepping stool. Disha consoles her and says she will come without a doubt, don’t worry.Aparajita is going towards the kitchen. She comes to the back region and calls for Asha. Asha bounces and glances through the window. Aparajita says I will attempt to enter the kitchen so conceal yourself till then, I will be back in a little and don’t allow anybody to enter there, I will track down a way. Asha gestures as Aparajita leaves from that point. Disha embraces Asha and Niya. Aparajita petitions God for her children’s assurance and thinks I need to proceed to save Akshay yet how…

Main Hoon Aparajita Today’s Episode Online

The thug makes Akshay’s video and he is getting tipsy, they send it to his priest and says he is MLA Sunil Thakkur’s man so guide us about him.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 25 November 2022

Aparajita bounces on the eatery’s rooftop and starts heading inside. She comes on the porch and tracks down the thugs around Akshay. She thinks I need to send these thugs from here yet how.. she take the lamp fuel container and tosses it outside the room. She tracks down a lighter and attempts to utilize it.

The MLA Sunil calls the examiner and requests that he do everything except keep up with the rule of law. He advises his supervisor to simply deal with the media. He gets Akshay’s video and the resistance’s clergyman’s message that in the event that he takes his ticket back, they will save his man’s life. Sunil is angry.

The hooligans get a call from their priest who advises them to stand by. The hooligan is attempting to call somebody and says I’m attempting to call my little girl, I told her to not take off from the house today but rather she didn’t tune in. Akshay giggles and says you are terrified about your little girl? I wish your girl would understand what you are doing. The hooligan kicks him and requests that he keep his mouth shut.

Aparajita can light the lighter. She lights the fire and stows away. The hooligans smell it and go to check. Akshay is separated from everyone else in the room while thugs are attempting to nap off the fire. Aparajita stows away and goes in the room. She locks the room and liberates him. Akshay gets out whatever would you say you are doing here? Aparajita says the children are protected so I came here to save you. Akshay looks on.

The hooligans show up external Go’s home so he takes off from that point with Chhavi.

The director lets Sunil know that you can’t seriously jeopardize your profession for one individual. His better half comes there and says Go isn’t getting call, kindly find out where he is. Sunil has a go at calling him.

Veer and Chhavi stow away from the thugs in the house. The hooligans are searching for them.

Aparajita attempts to unfasten Akshay’s ties. She finds a blade and starts cutting the ropes. He gets some information about the children. Aparajita says they are in a room yet they are protected. Aparajita liberates Akshay.

Disha makes some sandwiches and requests that Asha eat it. Asha says I saved a quick for my family and perhaps we will be secured so I can’t break it. Niya says I will not eat in the event that you don’t eat. Disha says me as well. Niya requests that Asha eat something. She says I will have a go at calling mother. She calls her however there is no organization. Niya says I wish Asha’s quick works, she says Aparajita should quick for Akshay additionally right? Disha and Asha look on. Disha says how could my mom quick for that man? Niya says I’m grieved, I called you here today to rejoin you all with our father, he truly focuses on you. Disha blows up and says we are completely stuck here as a result of you? Asha stops her and says I will have a go at calling Chhavi.

Akshay and Aparajita begin leaving the room when the thugs show up there. They frown at them.

The thug awakens outside the kitchen window and glances around. The hooligan brings another stepping stool and starts bouncing from the window. He glimpses inside and tracks down the young ladies inside. The thug enters the kitchen with a stick so the young ladies get scared.

Veer and Chhavi conceal in a pantry, she is crying so he wipes her tears and attempts to quiet her down. Asha is calling her yet she doesn’t pick up.

The thugs get Akshay and Aparajita. Akshay says leave her. The hooligan snatches Aparajita. They put a blade on her neck while Akshay looks on.

The episode ends.


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