Pandya Store: Upcoming Story! Rishita and Raavi are at loggerheads!

In the upcoming story of Pandya Store serial, Rishita will be jealous to see Ravi flourish due to her fame and will express her jealousy in the form of malicious words.

So far in the serial, Dhara has fled to Ahmedabad with Cheeku, while the tension between Shiva and Ravi is increasing a lot.

Now according to the spoiler of the serial, Ravi tells the entire family that he got 1.5 lakhs for doing the photoshoot with Bank, which upsets Hrishita as she is sitting at home and not doing anything because of her pregnancy.

Further, Suman gets excited seeing the check and praises Ravi which intensifies the burning feeling in Rishita’s heart.

According to the gossip of the Pandya Store serial, Rishita cannot hold herself back and says that Ravi does not have that much fame and once she gives birth to the child, she will do a bigger job than Ravi who is the father of both the daughters. creates tension in between. -in-laws.

In future episodes, we will see that Suman gets annoyed with Ravi’s behavior towards Shiva and instead of knowing the problem between the couple, blames Ravi’s inflated ego.

Let us see how Pandya handles the family members without the support of Ravi Dhara or Shiva in future episodes of Pandya Store

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