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Parineeti Written Update 21 November 2022

Scene 1
Biji awakens and advises Pari that she needs to return home. Rajiv comes there and says express gratitude toward God you are alright. Biji says nothing will happen to me, I need to live to see your and Pari’s children. Rajiv supposes assuming she excused him? Biji says I need a grandson and a terrific little girl. Rajiv inquires as to whether she doesn’t recollect what happened today? Biji says I simply need to see your children with Pari. Rajiv goes to the specialist and tells her that she doesn’t recollect what happened today. The specialist says we will do a few tests. Biji sits with Pari and inquires as to whether she would rather not be a mother? She ought to converse with Rajiv.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

The specialist tells Rajiv, Pari and Pami that she had an interior physical issue yet she has lost little piece of her memory. She will not recall what happened today. Pami feels that is great. The specialist says don’t give her pressure and do as she says. Neeti comes there so Rajiv goes with her. Rajiv tells Neeti that Biji lost a portion of her memory as a result of me. Neeti says why as a result of you? Rajiv doesn’t say anything. He embraces her and thinks I really want to control what is happening. Pari comes there and sees them embracing. Pami says I realize this is challenging for you yet kindly stay here for certain days. Biji is sick and she really wants you. Pari says till when? I continue to get heart broken. Pami says God is with you yet we want you at the present time. Pari embraces her and cries. Rajiv is embracing Neeti and sees Pari crying. He looks away.Rajiv comes to Biji and requests that she grin. Biji says I simply need to return home. Rajiv says you can’t go till you are thoroughly fine. Biji says I need to celebrate diwali with you and Pari. Pari comes there so Biji says I was simply inquiring as to yourself as it were. Neeti is going to head inside however Pami stops her and says she doesn’t recollect you so don’t meet her at this moment. Neeti gestures and figures I will do all that to win this family’s heart.

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The specialist really looks at Biji and lets Rajiv know that she is fine so you can bring her back home. Biji says I will be blissful just when Rajiv turns into a father.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 21 November 2022

Rajiv and the family brings Biji back home. Biji says I actually recall when I saw Pari and Rajiv interestingly. She sees Neeti leaving from that point and says who is that young lady? Pami says as a matter of fact.. Biji says who is that young lady? Pari says that is Neeti, my dearest companion. She is remaining here for certain days. Biji inquires as to whether she is hitched? Pari says OK. Biji asks where could her significant other be? Pari says in fact.. Biji says they are battling? you ought to converse with her. Pami says her better half completed 2 relationships. Biji says that individual ought to bite the dust, he has no ethics. Rajiv hacks and leaves. Biji requests that Pari call her companion so she can meet. Pari says yet its late. Biji says simply call her. Pari thinks imagine a scenario in which Biji expresses something to her and Neeti finds the truth.

Pari comes to Rajiv and says Biji needs to meet Neeti. Rajiv gets out whatever assuming Neeti tells her that I am her significant other? Pari says I’m terrified. Neeti comes there and gets out whatever’s the issue in that? You are my better half. Pari says you both got hitched and Biji had hardly any insight into it. She is sick and in the event that she figures out now, she could get pushed. Neeti says you are correct, I won’t express anything before her. She leaves. Rajiv expresses gratitude toward Pari for making everything fine, you are doing a ton for us. Pari leaves from there.

Neeti comes to Biji and contacts her feet. Biji says you are a visitor so sit with me. She says you ought to cover her head however it’s alright, you ought to advance a few things from Pari. I’m certain you have old inlaws additionally right? Neeti looks on.

Precap: Biji tells Pari, you will partake in Grahashanti Pooja. That’s what neeti hears. Panditji asks Biji is Neeti new little girl in regulation. Biji says no it’s Pari. Biji requests that Pari make Prasad halwa. Pari sees Gurinder add something to parasad halwa.


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