Pishachini TRP Rating: Colors TV Supernatural Show garners great TRPs!

Vampire TRP Rating:

Colors TV has created quite a stir among the masses with its new supernatural show Pishachini which started on 8th August 2022.

The story of Pishasini serial revolves around the supernatural witch Pishachini or is interpreted by many as Dayan who offers materialistic luxuries and wealth in exchange for a human soul.

The TRP of Pishachini is expected to do very well due to the supernatural style of the show and the uniqueness of the show.

In the story, there is a Pisachini known as Ratrani or better Rani who was implicated by the Rajput family and driven out of their homeland as the Rajputs intended to make their home there.

However, Prateek and Ankita, a couple from a Rajput family, find a greedy and free-spirited vampire seeking her money and success.

Now, the story takes a twenty year leap with Sudhakar Rajput’s son Rocky, and the main cast of Rani Pishachini trying to lure her into his trap so that she can take him to Bareilly where she seeks revenge on the Rajput family. and reclaims his homeland.

In the serial, there is also a third main character named Pavitra who is a Bhaktakumari (devotee of Lord Hanuman) who happens to be a friend of Rocky’s cousin. She will also be centered in the story as Rocky’s love interest and will be seen having a lot of brawl with Pishachini.

Pishachini serial is bound to see more viewers to watch this fresh and engaging horror thriller which will involve a lot of romance between Rocky and Pavitra.

The appearance of Harsh Rajput (playing the role of Rocky) in the brand new Supernatural show is bound to bring in a decent TRP as he is a well-known and well-known actor for working in Supernatural series, especially in the eyes of Star Plus.

Meanwhile, Nyra Banerjee, who plays the role of Pishachini, is also famous for portraying Divya in the supernatural show Divya-Drishti on Star Plus.

However, Pishachini will have to compete with other serials like Anupama on Star Plus and Kaun Banega Crorepati on Sony TV which are high TRP ranking serials at 10:00 pm.

Let us see how Pishacheni makes a difference in the TRP charts as the unique and interesting concept of making a negative character the main lead of the show attracts the audience.

आइए देखते हैं कि कैसे पिशाचेनी टीआरपी चार्ट में बदलाव लाता है क्योंकि नकारात्मक चरित्र को शो की मुख्य लीड बनाने की अनूठी और दिलचस्प अवधारणा दर्शकों को आकर्षित करती है।

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