Radha Mohan 25 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode



Radha Mohan Written Update 25 November 2022

Damini shouts even Mohan can’t stop their marriage since he will learn about it once he awakens, she educates the specialist to set up the portion yet he illuminates they require a needle, he hurries to bring it from the clinical truck when Kadambari accompanies Ajeet addressing how are they all doing Mohan, she goes to see Parthap anyway he figures out how to take cover behind the entryway, Damini makes reference to the specialist was simply playing out a standard exam, Kadambari specifies the Pandit jee has made every one of the game plans so could they at any point go to the Mandap, the specialist sees that he could awaken at any moment.

Written Update Radha Mohan Today Episode

Damini is gazing at Parthap who is taking cover behind the entryway, she doesnot even answer Kadambari when she considers her which concerns her, Damini by and by gazes at the entryway where Parthap is stowing away so Kadambari likewise thinks back yet Damini makes sense of she is stressed for Mohan yet is certain he would get better actually soon, Kadambari teaches Ajeet to come, he begins strolling with the ward kid while Mohan is still on the wheel chair.Damini trains the specialist to keep the portion prepared and infuse Mohan when possible.

Radha Mohan Today’s Episode Online

Radha is in the funeral home considering how she would leave here secretly as the family won’t allow him to get close to Mohan jee. Radha hears the ward young men looking at opening the mortuary and they likewise make sense of how interestingly there will be a wedding in a medical clinic, the two of them in the wake of opening the entryway feel as though there was somebody inside and even contemplate phantoms anyway the two of them leave with the body.

Radha Mohan Latest Spoiler Alerts 25 November 2022

Gungun is in the house crying shouting it is better that she takes off if damini weds Mohan, she illuminates that Damini si not the perfect individual and on the off chance that she gets hitched to Mohan, would clearly send her away while she needs to reside with Mohan. Gungun makes sense of they should stop this wedding anyway Ketki answers she will bring her telephone from the room. Rahul figures he should illuminate Damini about the plans regarding Ketki and Gungun.

Ajeet leaves illuminating Kadambari that he will check the arrangements of the Pandit jee, the ward kid and Damini notice the hand of Mohan moving which tumbles from the handle of wheelchair, Damini immediately says she will address it, she covers the hand of Mohan with her dupatta while Rahul calls her illuminating how Gungun learned about her arrangement and she is arriving at stop the wedding. Damini compromises in the event that he can’t handle the young lady then ought to fail to remember it, he is truly strained when Damini proposes in the event that he can’t do anything in the house then ought to get it done outside, Rahul gets stressed when Damini figures how she can see him there is Tulsi inside the house, Damini is illuminating Rahul about the arrangement when the ward kid begins strolling ahead with Mohan. Radha is likewise coming from the opposite side masked as a dead individual, both of their hands contact one another, and she sees he is Mohan jee. The ward young men make an honest effort to unstick the wheelchair, Rahul guarantees Damini he would follow through with something, Tulsi figures she didn’t figure he will hold hands with Damini yet she is certain he would possibly go to the obscurity yet on the off chance that he is against Gungun, she would remain close to her as just Radha will get hitched to Mohan.

Damini perceiving how the wheelchair is stuck inquiries what in the world as they are going for a wedding while they have put a dead body, Kadambari questions what has gotten into her as this would simply be a dead body for her while somebody would have lost their relative, she shouts it is unreasonable, Damini apologizes.

Kadambari demands them to take the cot, Mohan holds the hand of Radha as it contacts by and by, she begins grinning thinking he found her hand reviewing every one of the delightful recollections the two of them had with one another and in any event, when they were together during her grabbing. Mohan jee said she is her Bhagwan assuming it means to constantly be with one another, he even wouldn’t leave her during the bus.

Radha supposes in the event that Mohan jee has held her hand, it implies he is recovering cognizance or is she simply dreaming, Radha think regardless of the case she needs to ensure that this wedding doesnot happen.

Ketki requests that Gungun come since the taxi has shown up, Rahul anyway stops them both which irritates Ketki who teaches him to move yet Rahul answers the two of them would just go inside the house, Ketki is truly irate addressing what has gotten into him as they need to leave, Tulsi likewise shouts it is enough since, in such a case that he doesnot let go of Ketki then she would be compelled to follow through with something, Ketki falls when Rahul pushes her, he by and by begins constraining her to go inside the house while Ketki is attempting to move away anyway Tulsi gets enraged so slaps Rahul.

Rahul inquires as to whether she slapped him in any event, when he is her sibling, Tulsi answers she slapped him and on the off chance that he makes trouble, she would give him another beating, regardless of whether it implies breaking the promise which she made to Mohan.

Mohan begins moving his other hand seeing which Damini gets stressed figuring what might occur if any other person sees him, Kadambari asks what has happened when she sees Damini is gazing at Mohan anyway Damini inquires as to whether every one of the arrangements have been made, Kadambari guarantees all future great as Ajeet has gone to check the preparations.

The ward young men figure out how to unstick the wheelchair and cot, so they leave while Radha gets stressed figuring what could occur, Damini sees the garments on the cot, she doesnot give them any thought anyway in the wake of reasoning briefly, Damini gets stressed and turns in shock thinking she saw Radha on the wheelchair.

Precap: Specialist says, Mohan is losing his heartbeat, we need to promptly give him infusion. Damini murmurs to specialist, give him the infusion. Specialist murmurs back saying, I previously told you, I won’t give him infusion, he could kick the bucket. Damini says my men will make it happen, she texts her thug to give him the infusion. Thug attempts to give him the infusion, yet Radha strolls inside the room and sees him with injection.


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