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Raksha Bandhan Review by Taran Adarsh ​​– Raksha Bandhan seeks to attack the thinking according to which brother or father takes pride in giving dowry. It assumes that I am doing something for my sister or daughter. To some extent, it is also successful in its endeavours. But only to an extent, because after a while the writing of the film seems to get bogged down in its messaging. Moves quickly from one track to another. This may have been done because of the limited length of the film.

Raksha Bandhan Movie Review – Taran Adarsh

Raksha Bandhan day 2 Box Office Collection report

Rating:3.5/5 Review by: swimming model Site: Twitter

#OneWordReview… #Rakshabandhan: Heart touching. Rating: ️⭐️⭐️½ #AanandLRai done right this time… Plain plot. related background. Strong emotions… many moving moments [lag point and second hour] Big plus… #AkshayKumar Top notch. #Rakshabandhan review

 Rating:2.5/5 Review by: Renuka Site: Times of India

‘Raksha Bandhan’ depicts the stories of the people of small towns of India, and in that endeavor, it entertains especially in the first half. However, the story of the bond between siblings soon turns into a social commentary about dowry, which takes up much of this 110-minute film. This highly emotional drama doesn’t fail to touch you, but it had the potential to be a far more entertaining watch.

Rating:1.5/5 Review by: Shubhra Site: Indian Express

I’m not sure what made me more uncomfortable – the rough plot details, the contradictions, the high-level melodrama that used to be part and parcel of the movies we thought we had deep-six decades ago ; Or the belief that low-rent family drama, with its uneasy mix of humor and raucousness, is at one time hugely popular, on the way to a troubled Bollywood.

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