Rocketry movie review and IMDB rating report-public reaction, story, show or not

Rocketry movie review and IMDB rating report-public reaction, story, show or not

Hello friends, you are very much welcome to our website, my name is Rahul Tiwari and in today’s post we are going to give you a review about the movie Rocketry, as well as how many ratings IMDb has given to it. What is the public reaction of this movie and the story and we are going to provide you complete information in this post about whether you should watch this movie or not, Rocketry movie has been released in box office and cinemas on 1st July 2022. So many people want to see this movie, then before watching you must read our public review because whenever you go to watch a new movie, first of all you must read the reboot because it is very important to read the review, through the review,

we must read the film. It gets to know the good and bad of the film and it is also known whether you will like the film or not because if the film does not look good then your money goes to waste, so first of all it is very important to know that it Whether the film is worth watching or not, so in today’s post we are going to tell you Rocketry is going to provide complete information about movie review and public reaction Rocketry movie is a biography drama film in which Naveen Ryan is a scientist who faces many problems in his life, yet he is a good scientist while facing his troubles. They show that even after being a good scientist, they start using them in some way, this is the story of their life.

You will be able to see the details from his birth and his educational qualifications and the details of the entire events of facing many difficulties at the time of education and becoming a scientist will be shown to you in this movie, so if you want complete information about Navi Narayan If you want to get information, then you must watch Rocketry movie, R Madhavan is suiting very much while playing the role of Rocketry movie Navi Narayan, let us know how is the review of Rocketry movie


Rocketry Movie Review

Talking about the review of Rocketry movie, the review of this movie is very good and positive or it is a biography drama film which is very well made that this movie has the lead role because R Madhavan He has not only played the lead role in this film but has also played the role of director, due to which this film has become very good. So if we talk about the actors, then only R Madhavan is the main actor among the actors, who is seen playing the role of Nabi Narayan. For your information, let me tell you that the shooting of this film was going on since 2017 which has now been completed and this movie has been released in theatres, so this film of R Madhavan’s life holds a lot of importance because R Madhavan Has put his 5 years of hard work in this film and in spite of so much hard work Also,

if the movie flops, then it can be quite surprising that if we talk about the music in this film, then the music has been put in the same way as the biography is in drama films and the background music is also very good. Talking about the picture quality of this film, the picture quality is very good and you will get to see it in 5 languages, in which you can watch this movie in Tamil Kannada Malayalam Telugu Hindi language, the story of this movie is also very good in which The real story has been added because whatever the real story of Nabi Narayan Scientist has been added to this film, which we will definitely tell you about the story of this movie in the post below.

Movie NameRocketry
Release Date1st July 2022
LanguageHindi Tamil Telugu Kannada Malayalam
Budget50 Crore Uprox
IMDB Rating8/10
FilmType Biography Drama
DirectorR Madhavan
CastR Madhavan, Simran Bagga, Rajit Kapoor, Ravi Raghuveer, Gulshan Grover, Shahrukh Khan, Dinesh Prabhakar

Rocketry Movie IMDb Rating Report

Talking about the IMDb rating report of the movie Rocketry , the IMDb rating of this movie has been given 8. For your information, I want to tell that this film has been prepared in a budget of about 50 crores, which is the opening Day is seen earning a lot of money, this film has been liked by the audience, which is almost 80 out of 100 people have liked this film, 80% people are liking this film after watching If you want to watch this movie then you must watch it because this movie has got IMDB rating 8 out of 10, this movie is very good in terms of entertainment, but if you talk about biography drama, then Nabi Narayan was a scientist whose Complete events about life were described, if you want to get complete information about Navi Narayan, then definitely watch this movie

Rocketry Movie Story

The story of Rocketry movie is very good because this story is a real story because any biography drama is real to a great extent, it gets amazing inspiration, so you must watch this film, nowadays children must watch this film. It is very important that this film describes the events related to the life of Navi Narayan, from the childhood of Navi Narayan and all the difficulties and facing them till his becoming a scientist, this film has been made Nabi Narayan is a normal Belonging to the family, he used to take a lot of interest in studies, due to which he always used to come top in school, but for some reason he was simply failed and when he failed, after working even harder, he got success.

He wanted to become a scientist, he wanted to study science because he did not have enough good knowledge, he worked hard to study science, he failed many times, after that he failed as well as by fulfilling those shortcomings in himself. He saved his life and became a scientist. After Nene, he got a lot of awards and prizes, due to which his country became famous in the world, while the people of NASA also called him many times but he refused to go there because after going to NASA, he would serve his country. We could not do it, so they wanted us to serve our country and do good to the people through our science by staying in India, but there they were implicated through some plants and it was declared a traitor and later declared a traitor. After this, he was jailed, then after a few days when he came to know about the conspiracy, the government acquitted Navi Narayan and realized his mistake, after that he was also honored with the Padma award. Story is so you must know about Nabi Narayan

Rocketry Movie Public Reaction

Talking about the public reaction of Rocketry movie, the public reaction of this movie is very good as you can see in the video that the people who are coming out of the theaters in this movie asked this. It is going that in response to how is it and how do you like it, many people are telling this movie to be very good and the people who do not like this film are telling that this movie is somewhat fine for your information. So I want to tell that this film is a biography drama film,

so people who like biography drama film are going to like this movie very much and many people have given this movie 4 out of five staff also it shows that It is said that people like this movie very much Rocketry movie is liked by about 80 people out of 100 i.e. 80% people are liking this movie while 20% people are telling this movie that there is some boring type in it. And nothing much is understood, thus overall it can be said that the public reaction of Rocketry movie is largely positive and in the coming time, This movie will earn a lot

Rocketry movie show or not

If the movie is good then you enjoy watching it a lot and if this movie is not good then you also do not like it, for this reason we are going to tell you whether you should watch this movie or not. Want Rocketry movie has been released in cinemas at the box office on July 1, 2022, so if you want to watch this movie, then if you like biography drama movies and some such scenes have also been shown in it which is very much for the student. It is important because some such work has been done by Navi Narayan, which is very inspirational for children,

so children must watch this film and this film is very important for the coming generation, so if you want to watch Rocketry movie then you Must watch this movie and show this movie to your kids, on the other hand, if you do not like biography drama movies, you like comedy and romantic scenes movies, then you are not going to like this film very much, so you should not watch it either. Money can also be wasted although this movie is not suitable for India. Every kid child must watch because this movie includes inspirational story in which Navi Narayan is a scientist who is a scientist of rocket and is always ready to serve his country and is known for service to the nation

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