shamshera movie online ticket booking-BookMyShow, Paytm, ticket price, show time and more

shamshera movie online ticket booking-BookMyShow, Paytm, ticket price, show time and more

Hello friends very welcome to our website my name is Rahul Tiwari and you are going to get information about online ticket booking of shamshera movie on this website shamshera movie is an upcoming movie which is 22 The discussion of this movie, which is going to be released in the box office and theaters on July 2022, has spread far and wide that or the movie will be released on July 22, 2022, so people watching this film are looking very excited and 22 On the day of July 2022 i.e. on the release date of Shamshera movie, there is going to be a huge crowd and the cinema hall is going to be full, so many people want to book tickets for this movie online, so in today’s post we are going to tell you shamshera .

Here you are going to get complete information about the movie ticket price and show time of this movie and how to book tickets online for this movie. Shamshera movie is a very famous and famous movie which is starring Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt’s film is Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt’s film is forcibly in theaters Diarrhea is going to be proved and is also going to earn a lot, in the coming time, this movie will earn a lot or the movie is going to be closed in the budget of 150 crores and released in theaters, so Karan Malhotra is the director of this film who made this film. Has been completed very hard in about 5 years

and finally this movie is all set to release on 22nd July 2022, so this movie is going to be released very soon and if you want to get information about its online ticket booking. Want to do shamshera movie or want to take shamshera movie ticket through your mobile or laptop, then read our full post because through this post we will provide you complete information about all the news here.


Shamshera Movie Online Ticket Booking BookMyShow

You must have also heard the name of the BookMyShow website because BookMyShow is a website that books online tickets for new movies, so if you want to book shamshera movie tickets online, then you can easily book tickets on BookMyShow. You can book shamshera movie tickets online on the website, there will be no objection and you can book shamshera movie tickets online sitting at home and go to the cinema hall on 22nd July 2022 and watch this movie by covering your seat shamshera movie is very good. It is a film which is made at a huge cost and well-known actors of the Bollywood film industry have shown their performance in it,

although the trailer of this movie has also been released a long time ago, which people are getting very excited to see. To see this movie, it is very important to take tickets online for this movie because there is going to be a lot of rush to get tickets in theaters and at the box office to see this film, so if you do not take tickets online then your 22 July 2022 The plan to watch this movie may get canceled because when you don’t have a ticket. If I am able to get it then it will be canceled so you would prefer to take tickets online Follow some tips given by us to take tickets online through bookmyshow

  • To book shamshera movie tickets online, first you have to go to your Chrome browser
  • search by typing bookmyshow in chrome browser
  • When you search by writing bookmyshow, then at the top you will get the website of bookmyshow.com, on which you have to click
  • To go to bookmyshow website, if you open it in mobile, then first you have to enter your location, if you do it in laptop then direct home page will open
  • When you reach the home page of bookmyshow, you will see the Shamshera movie which is going to release on 22nd July 2022, on the home page, you have to click on that movie
  • When you click on the top of the movie, the artist and other information working in the complete details of Shamshera movie will be provided there and then the Book My Ticket option will appear below on which you have to click
  • When you click on the ticket booking option, you will have to select your seat quality and screen quality, after that only the movie ticket price will be written so that you can pay on the phone or on Google or through any other online payment. must do
  • When you will pay shamshera movie ticket after that a new page will open in which you will get shamshera movie ticket you can download that pdf

shamshera Movie Online Ticket Booking Paytm

Paytm is a very good website for booking shamshera movie tickets online and is a very reliable website as you will know that Paytm used to send and withdraw money online from very old times but this time This website has become quite famous on top of this and options have also been given on this website to download new movies, so you can easily book shamshera movie tickets through Paytm only, so for your information, I I want to tell that you have not booked Shamshera movie online ticket through Paytm till now, then this is very good news for you and you will be able to book shamshera movie online ticket after reading this post very easily.

It is also not going to be a problem, as you may know that shamshera movie is a new upcoming movie which is going to be released on 22nd July 2022. To book its tickets online, first of all, you have to open Chrome browser on your mobile or laptop. Search by typing paytm in chrome browser, in which you will find paytm.com website at the top. It will be given when you click on it, then very easily at the top you will have to register the website of paytm.com through a google id, you facebook id, only then you will come to the home page of paytm.com when you paytm. com, after clicking on the movie option, you will not easily see the movie here, in which you will also see the Shamshera movie, after clicking on it, you can easily book shamshera movie tickets online.

Movie Nameshamshera
Release Date 22 July 2022
LanguageHindi Tamil Telugu
Country India
Ticket Booking WebsiteBook My Show, Paytm
Ticket Price₹300 aprox
Screening Account5000 Screens
screen count opning day5 show
DirectorKaran Malhotra
CastRanbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Vaani Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Ronit Roy, Mahesh Balraj

shamshera Movie Ticket Price

Talking about the ticket of shamshera movie, the ticket price of this movie can be different ticket price at different location but many people want to see this movie so it is very important to know about the ticket price. It is necessary, so today we are going to tell you an average from which you will be able to watch shamshera movie in each of the estimated places. Are getting very excited to watch because people are waiting for it for years and the actors working in shamshera movie are very famous actors so their fans are looking very excited to see shamshera movie shamshera movie ticket Price can be around ₹ 300, so can be ₹ 250 at some place, so if you want to watch shamshera movie then you can watch it by keeping at least ₹ 300 because if you book tickets for this You can book this movie ticket at any of your locations which will cost you between ₹ 250 to ₹ 300. Apart from this, you can easily watch this movie up to ₹ 300 including ₹ 50 other expenses.

shamshera Movie Show Time

If we talk about shamshera movie showtime then shamshera movie will be shown about 5 shows on 22 july 2022 because shamshera movie will be released on 22 july 2022 in which you will get to see 5 shows on first day itself if you want to watch first show So reach the theaters by about 9:00 in the morning because the first show can start by around 10:00, so by taking an online ticket, go to the theaters by 9:00 pm and reach your seat so that you will not face any problem in watching the film. Do not feel and there is a lot of enjoyment in watching the first show because there will not be as much enjoyment in the second show as compared to the first show because most of the features of this movie are written after the first show, due to which the second and third shows are not as much fun to watch. So, to watch the first show, reach the theaters by 9:00 am.

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