Teekhi Chutney Part 1 Ullu Web Series cast! Actress Name

Hello friends, welcome to our website, I am Shivam Tiwari and today I am going to tell you about Teekhi Chutney Part One Owl Web Series Cast and Actress Name, friends, for your information, I would like to tell that Teekhi Chutney Part One Web Series. Ullu’s upcoming web series was the audience waiting for this web series for a long time but now their waiting time is over because finally this web series will be released on 1 November 2022 on TT platform ullu.The app has been released from where everyone is going and enjoying the web series, if you have not seen the web series, then you can watch it through the Ullu app, but there are some people who are talking about the web series cast. Want to know because many people believe that if a good actress has worked in it, then only they will enjoy the website, then if you also want to get complete information A to Z about the star cast of Teeki Chutney web series then you We are also visiting the right post, we are going to tell you complete information through our article, so let’s start without delaying and we tell you the complete information.

Teekhi Chutney Part 1 Ullu Web Series Details

web series namehot sauce
release date1 November 2022
star castNoor Malvika, Saurabh Rana
go noromance drama
OTT Platformowl ape
Teekhi Chutney Part One Ullu Web Series Details

Friends, here I have provided complete details about Teeki Chutney Part One Ullu web series through the above table and I believe that you will like the information given in the table, friends if we talk about web series So the name of the web series is Teekhi Chutney, its release date from 1st November 2022 and Malavika has presented her acting as the lead role in this, if we talk about its genre, then it is going to be a romance drama if you also love romance. If you like to watch web series, then finally we are going to please you, you can watch it very easily in Hindi language through Ullu app.

teekhi chutney part 1 ullu web series actress name

Here we are going to tell about the actors name of Teekhi Chutney Part One Ullu web series, in this you will be seen as the lead role of Noor Malvika presenting herself, in this Noor Malvika has played the role of Jenny which is to be seen. It is very good and very exciting For your information, I would like to tell that Noor Malvika is a very famous actor organization, she has worked in more than one web series, due to which her popularity is also reaching the heights and the audience is watching her. If you also like to watch their web series and like them, then you do not have to worry at all because you can watch and enjoy Malvika’s web series very easily. So you go and enjoy Noor Malika’s web series very easily, Noor Malvika’s Vinay in D Fridge is very nice and NoorMalavika’s fans express their great interest to see this message.

Teekhi Chutney Part 1 Ullu Web Series Story

Here after the story of Teekhi Chutney Part One Owl web series, the story we are going to tell is very tremendous and friends are getting to see you a lot of happiness and reason in the story, I would like to tell you that Teekhi Chutney Part One Owl The story of the web series is such that Rohan brings his girlfriend Jeannie to his village where Parvan shows the river, river, mountain, forest and natural beauty to his girlfriend Jeannie and both fall in love but Rohan’s father is also an elderly person. They were also longing for love, so they fell in love with Chinese and established a different relationship with sugar, too many traffic rules in the story, a few days after that Rohan and Agency get married and between the two How a lifetime date has been shown in such a way that if everyone wants to see, then if they want to see from area-B, then they can see through Alwar


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