The Beginning After The End Chapter 163: Tess In Danger?

Arthur’s training is going well under Wren’s guidance. Wren is a capable master who knows how to battle. What new elements will be included in Arthur’s training in The Beginning After the End chapter 163?

When Wren gives Arthur all the details about his sword, Arthur is a little taken aback. Wren was about to destroy the sword but Windsom steps in to stop him.

Windsom occupies a low position in the Asura lineage but is still seen to have many connections. Also, Lord Indratha is using everything in his power to make Arthur stronger.

Wren snatches Arthur’s dragon wings and Arthur hesitantly hands them over. Will Wren make a new weapon with its help?

Arthur is being trained until he is about to push his limits and fall. How much will Arthur improve from these training sessions?

Wren’s intention is still not known and his training session does not seem to have any goals. How long Arthur’s third training will last will be revealed in TBATE 163.

TBATE anime is also going to be announced soon, maybe we get to see Arthur and his adventures animated.

The Beginning After the End Chapter 163 Release Date

Arthur is mastering the use of the RealHeart and can hold it for longer in battle as seen in trial battles. What are the other benefits of using Realmheart?

Since there is no news about the hiatus or hiatus, The Beginning After the End 163 RAW scans will be released on its official platform Kakao Corp on Friday, October 7, 2022, the same day as My Hero Academia 369.

Fan Scanlation will release the English scan of The Beginning After the End Chapter 163 within 7-8 hours of its official release. Official English translations are updated on the official weekly of Tapas Media on Sundays.

Lord Indrath still hasn’t shown Sylvie and Wren has taken Arthur’s dragon wings, what are the Asuras planning to do?

Arthur’s Sword: Description

As Wren previously told Arthur, his sword was made by him. Still, ending up with a human is much more of a coincidence for the sword made by the Asura.

As Wren says in his record, the sword was designed to suit everyone. That’s why he dropped it because it was a failure. It seems that he believes that one sword is not suitable for everyone.

So during one of his trips to collect the minerals years ago, he threw it into the beast glades of Decathane. He thought that no one could recognize it as a sword and it would be treated like a cane.

Wren was puzzled by the possibility that the sword he considered a failure ended up with Arthur or that someone understood its value in keeping it safe.

Arthur’s Training Challenge

Windsor decided to build the wren train Arthur for two reasons. One of them is because Wren has some extraordinary insight about practical combat and the other is because Wren has to make a sword for Arthur.

Wren agreed to the training as Lord Indra had some favor on him. So he has to impress Wren enough to make a sword for him. Will Wren decide to make a sword for Arthur in The Beginning After the End chapter 163?

Wren made a sword to train Arthur. He made a sword using the measurements taken for Arthur based on his movements and impact. He also asked Arthur to hand over his dragon wings.

After telling Arthur to rest, Wren and Windsor leave using a portal. Arthur was resting on the ground when a sudden thunder woke him up. The Golems were again summoned by Wren to train Arthur.

Wren is training Arthur to fight under optimal conditions in battle. This time he also made some allies and learned how to fight in groups.

Although this was done in considerable trouble, Arthur’s results were not enough to satisfy Wren. when asked. Arthur replied that he didn’t care about the ugly looking shells.

new challenge?

Wren contained practical wisdom in combat training to rescue more allies and kill more enemies. Arthur lets his allies die because he has no sympathy for the stone gorilla.

Wren gave some thought to Arthur’s answer and replied that he would remember his words. Then she gave Arthur some food and asked him to rest. Arthur died instantly of fatigue.

The next scene shifts to Arthur facing an enemy who has held Tess captive in his arms. Is caring for his allies another challenge for Wren?

Tess being in danger may be one of Arthur’s lucid dreams, Wren’s mind control, or one of Arthur’s subconscious concerns. What will be revealed in TBATE Chapter 163?

Overall, it may sound great that Tess appears to be Arthur’s weakness. In the ruthless battle to come, Arthur’s weakness may seem fatal. What decision will Arthur make in The Beginning After the End chapter 163?

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