Thor: love and Thunder day 12 box office collection-5% increase day 12 box office collection

Thor: love and Thunder day 12 box office collection-5% increase day 12 box office collection

Hello friends, you are very much welcome to our website, in today’s post we will provide you complete information about the 12 days box office collection of Thor: love and Thunder movie Thor: love and Thunder Movie is a Hollywood film which is a part of the world of Hollywood film. I have a huge budget film as you all know that this is a film released by Marble Films, so this film has a lot of name and discussion and this movie has become very much talked about Thor: love and Thunder Movie. It was released in 6 languages ​​in India, so that you can watch in theaters in 6 languages, although or the movie is made only in English language but has been admitted in different languages ​​in

which you can see Hindi English Tamil Telugu Malayalam Kannada in this way You will get to see it in theaters in 6 languages ​​and due to its release in 6 languages, people all over India are watching this film. Thor: love and Thunder movie is a film made in a budget of two thousand crore rupees and after making this film. People were eagerly waiting for the release date which is this movie. The film has been released in the box office and theaters on 7th July 2022 and or has done tremendous box office collection after the release of the movie, so in today’s post we are going to tell you about the 12 days box office collection of Thor: love and Thunder movie.

Thor:love and Thunder

I will provide complete information in Thor: love and Thunder movie, you will get to see action adventure fantasy scene because it is not a very long film, it is only 1 hour 59 minutes i.e. 2 hours film, although this movie is not very long, it is not particularly short. People are very fond of this film and the actors working in this film have done very well, due to which people are getting a lot of entertainment in watching the movie.

Thor: love and Thunder day 12 box office collection

DayIndia Net Collection
Day 1 [1st Thursday]₹ 18.2 Cr [En: 11.35 Cr ; Hi: 5.5; Ta: 0.6; Te: 0.75]
Day 2 [1st Friday]₹ 11.4 Cr [En: 7.85 Cr ; Hi: 3; Ta: 0.25; Te: 0.3]
Day 3 [1st Saturday]₹ 16.8 Cr [En: 11.6 Cr ; Hi: 4.5; Ta: 0.4; Te: 0.3]
Day 4 [1st Sunday]₹ 18.4 Cr [En: 12.25 Cr ; Hi: 5.3; Ta: 0.5; Te: 0.35]
Day 5 [1st Monday]₹ 5.36 Cr [En: 3.2 Cr ; Hi: 1.82; Ta: 0.19; Te: 0.15]
Day 6 [1st Tuesday]₹ 4.47 Cr [En: 2.65 Cr ; Hi: 1.56; Ta: 0.16; Te: 0.1]
Day 7 [1st Wednesday]₹ 3.92 Cr [En: 2.36 Cr ; Hi: 1.35; Ta: 0.13; Te: 0.08]
Day 8 [2nd Thursday]₹ 3.21 Cr [En: 1.9 Cr ; Hi: 1.2; Ta: 0.07; Te: 0.04]
Week 1 Collection₹ 81.76 Cr [En: 53.16 Cr ; Hi: 24.23; Ta: 2.3; Te: 2.07; Ka: 0]
Day 9 [2nd Friday]₹ 2.49 Cr [En: 1.72 Cr ; Hi: 0.74; Ta: 0.03]
Day 10 [2nd Saturday]₹ 4.51 Cr [En: 3.37 Cr ; Hi: 1.07; Ta: 0.07]
Day 11 [2nd Sunday]₹ 4.76 Cr [En: 3.22 Cr ; Hi: 1.54] * rough data
Day 12 [2nd Monday]₹ 5Cr * may earn
Total₹ 98.52 Cr

Thor: love and Thunder Movie Box Office Collection Report As you must be able to see in the list that this movie has earned a lot in different languages ​​which is in English language or the movie has earned a lot and also in Hindi Thor: love and Thunder has been able to earn a decent amount of money in the movie opening day, which is a box office collection of about ₹ 18000000. You are also fond of watching Hollywood movies and if you like to watch new Hollywood movies, then this film is going to be very good for you, for your information, I want to tell from which side this film has been released due to which this film has been released. The budget of the film is quite huge, which has been released in theaters by closing in the budget of about 2000 crores and after the

release or the movie is also earning a lot and thus the box office collection report of this movie is like That you guys will be able to watch the movie in just 12 days, the total Indian box office collection of ₹ 98000000 On the other hand, if we talk about this movie world wide box office collection, then this movie has been able to recover almost its budget money and in the coming time this movie should earn a lot because Thor: love and Thunder The movie had achieved the earning of 500 crores in the world wide collection in the opening day itself, so the box office collection of this movie is very good and has proved to be a superhit.

5% increase day 12 box office collection

According to the box office collection report of Thor: love and Thunder movie as you guys can see that this movie has not made much growth in day 12 but still this movie has grown by almost 5% in the box office of Thor: love and Thunder movie. The collection is happening, although it is a very good thing that despite being a Hollywood film, this movie proved to be tremendous in theaters and is earning a lot. People are looking very excited for want and adventure singh as you guys also know that more action jackson and s3 are submitted in Hollywood movies than Bollywood movies so that audience enjoy and interesting to watch. Therefore, a lot more interesting scenes have been presented in this film and for this reason, being a Hollywood film, this film has proved to be very tremendous and people are also liking it.

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