Top Famous Ullu Web Series

Friends, day by day the likes of Top Famous Ullu Web Series are being liked. And more Ullu Web Series, Barker is releasing a Hot Web Series one by one. So friends, let’s talk about some Top Famous Ullu Web Series today. We do.

1.  Chawl House Days Web Series

Talking about Chawl House Web Series, Famous Actress  Sneha Paul  is shown in the lead role in this web series. And  Shabaaz Badi  , Nikhil Parmar ,  Meena Sharma ,  Ravi Parmar ,  Prabhakar Prasad Mishra , and  Chaitali Jadhav , are seen. Chawl House, Chawl House Part 2 , and  Chawl House Part 3  web series  under charmsukh season  was released on ullu Huh.

Chawl house 3 web series Charmsukh chawl house 3.

Talking about the story of Chawl House Web Series, a wife has a relationship with her brother-in-law and her husband knows. The story will be liked a lot and then the whole web series is full of bold sins.

2.  Four Hours Web Series

Tawa Garam Ullu Web Series is a new web series. Whose Tawa Garam Part 2 Web Series has also been released by Fmus Ullu App. This web series is full of Fantasy, Romance, and Bold Sins. Doso the user has given a lot of love to this web series. Friends, if you talk about the cast of this web series, then

  • Saurabh Sewal (Raj).
  • Mohit Sharma (The End).
  • Shikhar Buy (Fufaji).
  • Pihu (Surmai Bhua).

Got to see. Friends, if I tell about the story of this web series, Raj and Sonu are friends. And in Raj’s house no one lives in Raj’s house. To overcome this loneliness, both friends watch web series together. At the same time, Raj’s aunt and uncle come home. After that Raj and Sonu have a relationship with his aunt. Friends, to know more about this web series Click   on Click Here for

3.  Jalebi Bai Ullu Web Series

Friends are one of the Jalebi Bai web series Top Famous Ullu Web Series. Friends, this web series will be full of fantasy, romance, and bold sin. Friends, the fan of the web series also gave a lot of love to it. Talking about the cast of this web series

  • Riddhima Tiwariul – Jalebi Bai 1
  • Prajakta Dusane – Jalebi Bai 2
  • Alina Sen – Shanti
  • Ankit Patidar – Mukesh
  • Jimmy Kumari – Shreya
  • Rakesh Dubey    Brijmohan

You will get to see it. Friends, if we talk about the story of this web series, then Jalebi Bai is a very cool Kambli. And she works in the whole house and takes money by relation with the owner of the house. Friends, more about this web series Click on Click Here to generate   .

4.  Repentance Repentance Day Web Series

This web series was released very soon on Ullu App. You can see the release date of this web series below. Tauba Tauba  Part 2  Charmsukh web series is not released yet so we cannot write any review about it. After the release of the web series, we will update the review of this web series in this article. so stay tuned. Friends, if you talk about the cast of this web series

  • Rajsi Verma (Vimla).
  • Muskaan Agrawal (Rs.)
  • Basant Kumar (Driver).
  • Arun Tiwari (Vijendra).

All these actors will get to see. Let friends tell about the story now.

Friends, this story Vimla is having fun with her husband. At that time the driver calls by saying ‘owner’. Something starts happening in the house. After that Roopa goes to see the driver’s house. And starts having fun with Roopa. Friends click on to know more about this web series.

5.  Sursuri Li Ullu Web Series

Friends Sursuri li Ullu web series is a bohutin famous web series. In this you have a funny story and a funny kind of web series. Friends, and one thing, it also has bold scenes. Most often there is a web series about honeymoon. So friends in this cast you

  • Nidhi Mahawan (Surili).
  • Ajay Mehra (Sur).
  • Jay Shanker Tripathi (Rajan).
  • Ankur Malhotra (Dawood).
  • Mahi Khan (Kamini).

Friends, if we talk about the stories, then a story has been made about the honey that has been told earlier. A larkan is shown who dreams every day about the honeymoon. Friends, click on Click Here to know more about this web series   .

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