Top Hiral Radadiya Web Series Watch Online 2022

Hiral Radadiya is a famous Indian web series actress, dancer and model. Heeral has worked with several OT platforms like Ullu, Kuku and Hotshots. Heeral has done most of the work with the Ullu app. His most famous web series is “Palangtod Saali Aadhi Gharwali”. In the list given below, we have given the famous web series of Hiral Radadiya.

1.  Palang Tod Saali Aadhi Gharwaali

This is the story of Shalini and Jimmy. Shalini and Jimmy love each other very much. One day Shalini comes to Jimmy’s house after which both have sex. Shalini gets wild in the bedroom. Jimmy is shocked that Shalini has a very shy nature. After some time the doorbell rang. When Jimmy opens the door, Shalini is tough in front of him.

Jimmy gets confused that if it is Shalini then who is in the house? Later Jimmy learns that she is Shalini’s twin sister Kamini. Hiral has played the role of Shalini and Kamini in this web series.

2.  Charmsukh Promotion

This is the story of a boy named Rohan. Rohan’s new joining is in a call centre. As soon as Rohan goes to the call centre, he meets HR. HR sends this to the team leader. Rohan’s team leader is a woman. She tells him that if you want to work here then you have to fulfill my sexual desire also.

One day the team leader holds a party at her house in which she invites Rohan as well. Rohan and the team leader are intimate, but Rohan is discharged in a second. The team leader tells him that you only have 2 weeks to increase his stamina. If after two weeks you still can’t satisfy me sexually, you will be fired. Will Rohan get a job? To know, definitely watch the famous web series Charmsukh promotion of ullu app.

3.  Charmsukh Raja Ka Baja

This is the story of a boy named Raja. The king has a boon from God that he gets an erection automatically at 12 o’clock in the night. The king gets upset with this gift. To fix this, Raja has sex with a transgender. Raja does not get an erection after having a physical relationship with a transgender. He doesn’t know how to get an erection even if he wants.

Meanwhile, Raja gets married. He does not have an erection in the bedroom. To know what will happen next, definitely watch the famous web series Raja Ka Baaja on ullu app.

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