Vikram day 32 box office collection-20% drop day 32 box office collection

Vikram day 32 box office collection-20% drop day 32 box office collection

Hello friends, you are very much welcome to our website, in today’s post we are going to inform you about the 32 days box office collection of Vikram movie Vikram movie released on 3 June 2022 in box office and cinemas. After which this movie is currently being operated in theaters and earning a lot. Vikram movie was released in three languages ​​Hindi and Tamil and Telugu so that people of whole India can see and understand this film. It is an action thriller film because most of the South films are known for their action jackson, so it is an action thriller film and this movie earned a lot as soon as it was released, while the films

released on June 3, 2022, Samrat Prithviraj and Major movie could not earn much and flopped badly in theatres, for your information, I want to tell that most of the South movies are being liked in India, so South Movie mostly proves to be superhit while the other part of Bollywood film industry. The film has been released which is going to be a super hit. Has come to the brink because she Modi has been able to earn a lot from abroad, whose name is Jug Jug Jio, so Jug Jug Jio Movie has earned a lot from abroad, due to which Jug Jug Jio Movie has come on the verge of proving to be a superhit. We are talking about Vikram movie, the director of the movie is Lokesh Kanagaraj and Kamal Haasan and Vijay Sethupathi are in the lead roles. Not only this, but there are also producers of this film, who have produced the movie with an expenditure of about ₹ 800000000.


Vikram day 32 box office collection

day indian box office collection
week 1₹ 143.95 Cr 
week 2₹ 52.2 Cr
week 3₹ 27.15 Cr 
week 4₹ 13.86 Cr
day 29₹ 0.75 Cr
day 30₹ 1.6 Cr
day 31₹ 2.00 Cr
day 32₹ 1.80 Cr may earn
total₹ 243.31 Cr

Box Office Collection Report of Vikram Movie As you can see in the list that this movie has earned Rs.143 crores in the first week and 52 crores in the second week and thus earning every week. Is visible but still the way this movie was prepared in its budget of only 80 crores or the movie earned a lot in its first week itself and right now the box office collection of this movie is going on which is in 32 days. Overall, it has achieved the earnings of about 243 crores,

which is the Indian box office collection, while the world wide box office collection has crossed the earning of about 250 crores and is going to earn a lot in the coming time. Vikram Movie is a film made in South language, which has been made by South artists, most of the films released in 2022 are proving to be a super hit, while Bollywood films are mostly flopping in the same way. Vikram Movie Superhit Saa among films to be released on June 3, 2022 Spent and is seen earning a lot

20% drop day 32 box office collection

The report of the box office collection of Vikram movie 32 days has been given to you in this list so that you can only see that in which day this movie earned how much money, although we have given week wise report because Day wise report was getting very big so we have not been able to give you day wise report if you guys comment then we can also give day wise report to you guys though this movie earning a lot even after completion of 32 days For your information, I want to tell that till now this film has earned a total of Rs 243 crores from the Indian box office collection and in 32 days this movie has earned Rs 18,000,000 which is Rs. That has gone in an increase of about 20% so with a growth of 20% or so the movie has achieved the earning of ₹ 18,000,000 in 32 days and till now has earned a total of about 243 crores while it was 80 crores

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