Watch Online Gandi Kitab Hunt Web Series All New Episodes


Gandi Kitab web series watch online all new episodes on the official Hunt app. The web series got a good response from fans and critics for its presentation. The comedy-drama series has been released its final 2 episodes on 18 November 2022. Earlier, fans loved previous Hunt web series for their engaging storytelling and captivating performances in various web series. 

Gandi Kitab web series cast Sana Khan and Ayesha Pathan in the lead roles. Gandi Kitab web series consists of 6 episodes of 20-25 minutes each.

You can watch online Gandi Kitab web series all episodes on Hunt App. Previously, Hunt App released Pinky Darling starring Ayushi Jaiswal, Kala Til starring Puja Poddar and Garima Mourya in lead roles.

Watch Online Gandi Kitab Hunt Web Series All New Episodes

Gandi Kitab Web Series Cast

Gandi Kitab Web Series Story

Gandi Kitab web series episode 5 starts with the Sana Khan getting the practical lesion of what feels like having a boyfriend. While Gandi Kitab web series episode 4 has intense scene between Sana Khan and Ayesha Pathan, these new episodes did nothing luring at all.

However, the scene where Ayesha Pathan made love to her co-star in Khat is mesmerizing and captivating. The way they share the chemistry is quite appealing. Ayesha Pathan went through lots of hugs, kisses, gropping, and what not.

Watch Online Gandi Kitab Hunt Web Series All New Episodes (2)

SSK Sir is an amazing director if we talk about local OTT platforms. With his camera skills, he made sure every romantic scenes looks passionate. Actors also left no stone unturned with Gandi Kitab web series, they left nothing for imagination in this alluring performance.

Ayesha Pathan shines recently by featuring in tons of projects across various local OTT platforms. Gandi Kitab web series is also one of the finest work of Sana Khan as well as Ayesha Pathan. Director SSK knows really well how to use their actors in such bold set pieces.

Gandi Kitab web series has released all episodes, Hunt promises to bring another exciting web series for the next week. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the updates related to new Hunt web series created by SSK.


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