Without this card, money will not be deposited in SBI Bank

SBI Bank Bank is introducing new rules one day or the other. That’s why the account children have to go to the bank and face a lot of difficulties if they do not know the new rules of the bank. That is why every bank account child has to be updated along with the bank. Harbor’s Tara SBI has introduced another new The rule has been activated. What you should know. If you do not want to face any difficulties in the bank later.

According to the new rule of the State Bank of India bank, this time the green card will have to be kept while depositing money in the State Bank of India bank. If you do not have this card, you cannot deposit any money. You also want to deposit money in SBI, make this new green card today. Go to the State Bank of India bank and make your own.

What are Sbi Green Card According to the official report of the bank, it has been known that this time like Credit Card and Debit Card, it can also be deposited in the Suiping Messin and deposit money. I would like to say one more thing to make Sbi Green Card RS 20 Will have to pay the charge.

But those people who do not have this Sbi Green Card can not deposit money? Yes, of course you can, but by sipping the Jake Debit Card at the Deposit ATM.

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