Woh Toh Hai Albela 18th August 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Kanha gives the friendship band to Sayuri and falls asleep on the sofa. Sayuri feels happy and sits beside her to complete her unfinished embroidery work. Dil Mein Ho Tum Aankhon Mein Tum.. The melody plays in the background. Kusum goes to Anjali and says that she is scared of her.
Anjali got rid of her face mask. Kusam requests her to stop ruining her brother’s existence and go away. Anjali moves her hand and asks if she doesn’t find ways to behave with her sister-in-law. She warns him to be by his side and asks Kanha to marry Anjali as a Rakhi gift. Kusum thinks that this is a crowd she herself has created and out of it prays to God for herself and her family.

Written Update Woh Toh Hai Albela Today Episode

Sayuri applies medicine for Kanha’s hand injury and wraps a blanket over him. He sleeps with her scarf on. She releases it and smiles. The next day, Kusum Chiru, Kanha, Prepares Rakhi for Nakul and Sayuri and reminds Indu how she liked Sayuri as her younger sister and ties Rakhi to her. Sayuri also gets ready for the spectacle. She hears Kanha moaning in pain and runs to him. He says that he had sprained his neck while sleeping on the sofa. She sprays pain on his neck and falls in his hands. He smiles at her while she feels worried. He then thanks her for helping him make a gift for Kusum and asks her to accompany him. She stands silent. He leaves. Kusum eagerly waits for her brothers and gets sad. Kanha and Nakul enter on a cycle. Ae dil tu laya hai bahar… the track moves within history. The family joins them and sings. Sayuri along with her family performs the puja. Kusum the first god and Chiru She ties Rakhi to her and then ties Rakhi to Kanha and Nakul. They give him gifts. Sayuri waits for Kusum with gifts near the compound wall. Kusum prays for the happy life of her brothers. Anjali goes to him. Anjali tied Sayuri’s rakhi to the Lord. Kanha says no one will touch it. He clicks selfies with the family and asks Saroj if she has prepared her favorite masala idli. She says they are ready.

Woh To Hai Albela today episode online

Once they are all gone, Anjali picks up the candy bowl and thinks she has 2 options, 1 to forgive them and experience competition with them or to insult them and ruin their festival. She chooses the first choice and enjoys the candy. Sayuri sees Rakhi on a woman’s wrist and feels sad. Kanha and Nakula feel full after having more food. Nakul asks Kanha to get some idlis for Rashmi as he usually finishes his meal and gives his food to Rashmi. Kanha senses his love for Rashmi and asks if he loves Rashmi. Nakul hesitantly shares the same opinion and describes his feelings for her. Kanha feels satisfied that his brother is in love with Rashmi. Anjali overhears their conversation.

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