Xbox Game Pass August 2022, What are the New Xbox Game Pass in August 2022?

Xbox Game Pass August 2022 –  For one monthly cost, Xbox Games Pass gives you access to over 300 games that you can download and play on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S. Explain Xbox Game Pass August 2022 in this article. So, kindly follow this article till the end to know lots of details about Xbox Game Pass August 2022.

xbox game pass

For one monthly cost, Xbox Games Pass gives you access to over 300 games that you can download and play on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.

Access to Xbox Live Gold, PC Game Pass, EA Play and Xbox Cloud Gaming is included when you upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the same price.

As long as you keep paying the monthly cost, you are free to download and play the game as many times as you want. While some titles may disappear as new ones are added, you can also choose to purchase the entire collection in its entirety for a discount.

Xbox Game Pass August 2022

Xbox Game Pass’s year has been pretty average as far as the latest additions go. Things haven’t been terrible, but there haven’t been any notable releases either. However, that will start to change in August 2022 with Xbox Game Pass Free Games.

But of course, that’s not all, and additional games, which could include your new multiplayer addiction and an indie darling action game, are being added to the site. The free Xbox Game Pass games for August 2022 are listed below.

Xbox Game Pass August 2022 Games

xbox game pass gamesrelease dateplatforms
Ghost Recon Wildlands2 August 2022console, pc, cloud
Shenzhen I/O 4 August 2022pc
Turbo Golf RacingAugust 4console, pc, cloud
Two Point CampusAug 9console, pc, cloud
Cooking Simulator11 augustconsole, pc, cloud
Campaign: Rome11 augustpc
Offworld Trading Company11 augustpc
midnight fight expressAugust 23console, pc
immortalityAugust 30console, pc
Xbox Game Pass August 2022 Games


Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, Android and iOS users can use the Xbox app. It is companion software for the Xbox video game console that gives you access to select games, apps, and entertainment as well as Xbox Live community features, remote control, and second screen capability. On Windows 10, the program also serves as a launcher for PC games downloaded from the Microsoft Store, Bethesda.net, Steam, GOG.com, Epic Games Store, Humble Bundle, Battle.Net, Origin, and Ubisoft Connect. The previous Xbox app for Windows 10 was renamed Xbox Console Companion during E3 2019, while a new Xbox app was released in testing. The program is geared more towards PC gaming, serving as a front-end for games available on the Microsoft Store, as well as a client for Xbox Game Pass on PC.

xbox reception

At launch, critics welcomed the new console hardware and commented favorably about its enhanced visuals, reduced loading times, and strong backward compatibility support, but they were unsure of the platform’s full potential as there were no console exclusives. Because of this, many people did not believe that these systems accurately represented the next generation of home consoles at launch. Given the PlayStation 5’s emphasis on the next generation, some found the absence of notable launch-day special games, along with the new hardware capabilities, to show the familiar controller shape and user interface disappointing.

The Series X was generally considered superior to the Series S because the latter lacked space and computation, making it less user-friendly to surpass, but otherwise remain functional.

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Xbox Game Pass August 2022 – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Xbox Game Pass Free?  

The only way to get a free subscription is to take advantage of the trials.2. How long is Xbox Game Pass for $1?  

New and returning customers can get their first three months of Game Pass Ultimate for just $1.3. Is Game Pass Free on PC?  

Play hundreds of high-quality PC games with friends, including the title New Day and get an EA Play subscription.4. Is Xbox Game Pass Worth It?  

TechRadar Verdict. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an obvious buy for anyone planning to play the game on both Xbox and PC.5. How much is Xbox Game Pass per year?  

Get Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S consoles, plus 24-months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, for 24 months at no upfront cost from $24.99 per month.

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