Y(Marathi) day 11 box office collection-10% increase day 1 box office collection

Y(Marathi) day 11 box office collection-10% increase day 1 box office collection

Hello friends, you are very much welcome on our website, my name is Rahul Tiwari and in today’s post we are going to give you information about Rahul Marathi Movie, how many Rahul Marathi movies have been in total in 11 days so far. Rahul Marathi Movie has been able to earn Rs. The movie is also going to prove to be a super hit in theatres. Talking about the budget of this movie, this movie has been prepared in a budget of about 8 crores, which is a film made in Marathi language.

Barve and Project Mali have lead roles in this film you will get to see action thriller drama Rahul in Marathi movie Mukta Barve has presented such a scene that after watching this film you will also have a curiosity in your mind that I wish The women of India are capable of fighting such situations. I am because in this a good example has been given of the performance of women power, but the director of this film Ajit Wadekar also has a main role in making this film because due to good direction in this film or the film has become good,

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Prajakta Mali Apart from this Omkar Govardhan Sandeep Pathak, Nandu Madhav and Rashi Ka Chaman have also decorated this film very well because with the cooperation of all the people, this film despite being in Marathi language became very good. We will provide information to the people about how much money Hai Rahul Marathi Movie earned in 11 days.

Y(Marathi) day 11 box office collection

dayIndian Box Office Collection
Movie NameY Marathi
day 10.80 Cr
day 20.85 Cr
day 30.70 Cr
day 40.50 Cr
day 50.35 Cr
day 60.30 Cr
day 70.26 Cr
day 80.20 Cr
day 90.22 Cr
day 100.18 Cr
day 110.20 Cr may earn
Total4.56 Cr

Box Office Collection Report of Rahul Marathi Movie on Day 11 As you can see in the list that this movie had earned a lot in the opening day which has earned around ₹ 300000, while the box office collection of the second day For your information, I want to tell you that this film was released in Marathi language in theaters in a budget of about 6 crores, which is in 11 days to achieve total earning of about 4 crores 56 lakhs. For your information, let me tell you that due to the tremendous acting of Mukta Barve and Prajakta Mali,

this film has proved to be very good and is earning a lot in theaters, in the coming time this movie will prove to be a superhit because in 11 days. Or the movie has been able to earn about 4 crores in total and in the coming time, this movie is seen earning around ₹ 100000000 because Marathi language films prove to be mostly superhit and Rahul Marathi movie also made in Marathi language. It is a film that will prove to be a superhit in the coming times, although this film The box office collection of the film is very low, but still people will keep watching it for a long time due to this movie being made very well.

10% increase day 1 box office collection

According to the box office collection report of Rahul Marathi Movie, it is received that this movie has earned ₹ 18 lakhs in the tenth day, while in the 11th day the box office collection has reached 200000 rupees. That made in Marathi language or the film is going to increase in theaters even after completing 11 days today because whenever a movie goes for 1 week after that if that movie goes in increase then that movie will be in the coming time. It is able to earn a lot because any movie does not bounce after a fall, it is a proof of the good of that movie, thus this movie today after completing 11 days, this movie collection is showing a lot of boom, so this movie is coming soon. Despite being in Marathi language, Hum movie is going to prove to be tremendous.

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